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Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL can help with many electrical system issues.

Electrical systems not only power conveniences like air conditioning and power windows, but are also essential to safety systems such as headlights, brake lights and the car’s battery.

If you’re experiencing an electrical issue, bring your vehicle into Milito’s Auto Repair! We have know-how to help you get back on the road safely and affordably.

Our top-rated technicians can run extensive diagnostic testing to determine the source of the problem, provide you with a detailed inspection report, and accurate estimate of the scope and cost of repairs.

We are always upfront about electrical issues and do our best to get to the heart of the problem right away.

Experiencing Starting Issues?

You should be able to start your car instantly over and over again. If you are having problems getting started, bring your car into Milito’s Auto Repair for an electrical system check.

Monitor Your Exterior Lights

If you notice unusually dim exterior lighting, come in for an inspection right away.

There may be an issue with your electrical system.

Funny Smell?

The smell of melting plastic or electrical insulation shouldn’t be ignored!

Make an appointment with Milito’s Auto Repair to locate the source of the malfunction.

Check More Than the Battery

The complete electrical system should always be inspected – sometimes the issue goes beyond just the car battery.

The Milito’s Auto Repair Difference   

Expect the best. Don’t be surprised if your car comes back freshly washed – sparkling from the inside out.

Milito’s Auto Repair runs electrical diagnostics when analyzing the following issues:

  • Battery Replacement and Service
  • Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics
  • Computer Diagnostics (Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, etc.)
  • Electrical and/or Wiring Problems
  • Interior / Exterior Lighting Replacement
  • Starting & Charging Diagnosis
  • Airbag and SRS Systems

If you are experiencing issues with any part of your electrical system, schedule an appointment with Milito’s Auto Repair today!

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