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Catalytic Converter Problems Solved!

Catalytic converter problem? No sweat at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL. A catalytic converter is the component of an exhaust system that converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions. Driving with a faulty converter can result in an increase in these harmful emissions and a loss of power, especially during initial acceleration.

Stolen Catalytic Converter? We can help! Not only can we replace a stolen catalytic converter, but prevent it from happening again by installing a Cat Clamp system on your vehicle!

Get back on the road with confidence. Our experienced mechanics use all diagnostic tools at their disposal to get to the heart of the matter and minimize the cost of repairs. They diagnose any troubles that could lead to the replacement of your catalytic converter. If a replacement is necessary, they work with you to make the process as easy as possible. No matter what exhaust problem you’re facing, our team is ready to help get your vehicle like new again.

Stolen Catalytic Converters

It’s an unfortunate, common issue in Chicago – getting your catalytic converter stolen! If this has happened to your vehicle, you’ll notice a loud roaring sound that gets louder as you press the gas pedal. The vehicle will drive rough and you’ll hear a sputtering sound as you change speed.

If you look underneath the vehicle and see a gaping space in the middle of your main exhaust pipe, your catalytic converter has been stolen.

But don’t worry, Milito’s can fix it fast!

Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft with a Cat Clamp from Milito's Auto Repair, Chicago IL -

Add a Cat Clamp to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

The Cat Clamp is a simple device that attaches to your catalytic converter and prevents it from easily being removed by thieves. It’s made of heavy-duty metal and is designed to withstand attempts to cut or break it. And because it attaches directly to your converter, there’s virtually no way for thieves to steal it without damaging the converter itself.

The Cat Clamp is available to protect virtually all makes and models. We can install them on your car, or an entire fleet of vehicles!

Catalytic converter bandits want a quick and easy score – and they can usually achieve this with a couple simple cuts using a reciprocating saw. But the Cat Clamp makes stealing these valuable parts much more difficult and time consuming, and the mere presence of the Cat Clamp can be enough to deter all but the most ambitious thieves.

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