Shocks, Struts and Springs Repair and Replacement

Maintain Stability on the Road

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Shocks, struts & coil springs are integral components of the suspension system, and their wear has a very real impact on the safety (and comfort) of your vehicle. Your car, truck, or SUV should be steady and stable at all times – whether you are braking, accelerating, or turning – so that you can maintain control as you drive. Shock and struts do just that. They also prevent your car or truck from bouncing, keeping your tires in constant contact with the road.

The technicians at Milito’s take their services seriously

Stay in control on the road with Milito’s Auto Repair. Our mechanics take the time to thoroughly assess the steering & suspension of your vehicle, evaluating the shocks, their coil springs, and the struts to make sure you are able to maintain command of the car at all times. If repairs or replacements are needed, trust us to get the job done right. We don’t believe in doing the unnecessary and have a strong track record based on honest work and impeccable service.

When should shocks, struts & coil springs be replaced?   

These suspension components do not need to be replaced at specific mileage intervals, so understanding how to identify when it’s time to get them checked out is important. Shocks and struts wear out over time and if you notice excessive bouncing or nose dives when your car is in motion, make an appointment at Milito’s.

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What’s the difference between shocks, struts & coil springs?

If your car is designed with shocks, the coil springs are mounted between the wheels and the vehicle frame. Struts, on the other hand, are essentially a coil spring and shock absorber all in one piece. When you drive over a bump, the car bounces on coil springs, reducing the feeling of instability for the driver and passengers.

Keep your car safe and stable with quality service from Milito’s Auto Repair. Serving the Chicago area since 1968, we have what it takes to get the job done reliably and affordably. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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Other Steering & Suspension Services

Tie Rods / Ball Joints

Vital to your steering system, tie rods and ball joints can wear out over time and may require replacement or repair. Luckily, Milito’s can take care of that, getting you back on the road and taking those turns in no time.

Rack and Pinion

A classic design, a vehicle’s rack and pinion system works with power steering to move the car easily in the correct direction.

As issues arise, Milito’s Auto Repair will evaluate these components as part of an overall alignment check.


Maybe your car doesn’t track quite right or you find yourself over-compensating for the steering system. An alignment is a regular maintenance procedure for all cars and trucks – contact Milito’s Auto Repair to schedule yours.

Power Steering

A normal part of all makes and models of vehicles, drivers tend to take power steering for granted. But once it breaks and the steering wheel isn’t so easy to turn, drivers want this fixed fast. That’s where Milito’s comes in.

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