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The Importance of Winter Car Washes - Milito's Car Wash Chicago

Winter Car Washes Protect Your Car’s Exterior

In Chicago, winters are known for being long and unforgiving. Your car knows this well. The cold, harsh Windy City weather can take a toll on your car’s exterior and the underlying metal components. How exactly is your car impacted by cold, icy road conditions and what can you do to protect it?
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4 Tips for Summer Car Care in Chicago

Summer is finally here! Get your car, truck or SUV summer road ready with expert summer car care tips from our trusted professionals.
Keep Your Car Clean as New with Tips from Milito's Auto Repair in Chicago, IL

5 Tips to Clean the Interior of Your Vehicle

Have you looked inside your vehicle lately? Don’t cringe. The road salt, mud, snow, etc. from Chicago streets can really do a number on the interior of your car. But all is not lost; follow these simple steps to revive and restore your interior back its original splendor.
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