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Spotlight: Our Favorite Car Makes

Learn more about your favorite car models, their common issues, a history of the brand, what to look for in a used model and much more.

Then, contact us to schedule any type of service or repair in Chicago.

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Get Your Tires Ready For Chicago Winter at Milito’s Auto Repair Chicago IL 60614

Best Types of Winter Tires For Snowy Chicago Roads

"Do I need winter tires if I have all season tires on my car?" It’s possible. To understand what tires you'll need, you must first understand the differences in winter tires vs. all season tires. Your needs will depend on the weather and road conditions you encounter throughout the year.
BMW Repairs in Chicago, IL 60614 -

You Don’t Have To Take Your BMW To a Dealership For Repairs

Stop searching for a mechanic for your BMW; we handle it all at Milito’s — oil changes, tire rotations, electronic issues, and more. We have a team of qualified service technicians to help keep your BMW in top shape, whether driving around Chicago or heading out of town.
Answering the Call to End Hunger in North Chicago from Milito's Auto Repair

Chicago’s Milito’s Auto Repair Donates To Lakeview Pantry

We want to help end hunger in the Chicago area. Learn more about how we’re donating to Lakeview Pantry and how you can get involved, too.
Oil Changes More Than Oil at Milito's in the heart of Lincoln Park

There’s More to an Oil Change Than Just Oil

Oil changes are integral to keeping your vehicle running its best, but to get the most out of each oil change, there are extra steps your vehicle servicer can make to keep everything in tip top shape - and catch problems before they happen!
Parking in Chicago Doesn't Have to be a Hassle with these Tips from Milito's in the heart of Lincoln Park

Tips for Parking on Busy Chicago Streets

Chicago parking giving you a headache? Avoid tickets, damage, and your vehicle being towed away with tips and tricks for parking in our wonderful, busy city.
Scenic Drives in Chicago from Milito's Auto Repair right in Lincoln Park

Chicago’s Best Sunday Drives

Explore more of beautiful Chicago with relaxing scenic Sunday drives. Get the inside scoop on where to go and what to see from Chicago locals!
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Get Roadtrip Ready for the Chicago Summer – Oil Changes are a Must-Do!

Get packing and hit the road! But don't forget to make sure your car is safe and prepared for your summer road trip.
Most Common Vehicle Services at Expert Repair Shops like Milito's Auto Repair in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Top Five Most Common Vehicle Services

Do you wonder what service and maintenance is most typically done on vehicles? Learn more about the most common car services performed at expert repair shops, including ours!
Summer Car Care for Chicago -

4 Tips for Summer Car Care in Chicago

Summer is finally here! Get your car, truck or SUV summer road ready with expert summer car care tips from our trusted professionals.
Having Trouble with your Transmission? Here's Why and What to do About it from Milito’s Auto Repair in Lincoln Park Chicago

Is Your Transmission Slipping?

You step on the gas pedal, but something’s wrong. The engine revs, but the car doesn’t go faster. This happens when your transmission is slipping. What's wrong?

Windshield Wipers Not Working?

You depend on the windshield wipers to help you drive safely in inclement weather. We take a look at issues that keep windshield wipers from doing their job and how you keep them in top working order.
Virtual Vehicle Videos from Milito’s Auto Repair in Lincoln Park Chicago

Virtual Vehicle Videos from Milito’s Auto Repair

Check out our online library of virtual vehicle videos that center around car care and repair for clarity of our know-how to you; our customers. Enjoy!
5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage from the Pros at Milito's Auto Repair Right in the Heart of Lincoln Park Chicago

5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

Gas prices are at all time highs. Your vehicle doesn't have to be a gas guzzler! A few simple maintenance tips and tricks from our pros will help improve your gas mileage, doing less of a number on your pocket book.
Keep Your Car Clean as New with Tips from Milito's Auto Repair in Chicago, IL

5 Tips to Clean the Interior of Your Vehicle

Have you looked inside your vehicle lately? Don’t cringe. The road salt, mud, snow, etc. from Chicago streets can really do a number on the interior of your car. But all is not lost; follow these simple steps to revive and restore your interior back its original splendor.
Make Your Tires Last Longer with Tips from Milito's Auto Repair in Chicago, Il

How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Potholes, extreme changes in Chicago weather, and more can wreak havoc on your tires. We put togethers some simple maintenance tips to make your tires last longer and keep your wheels on the road.

Are Power Steering Flushes Necessary?

Do you think power steering flushes are necessary or not? We dig into what power steering fluid is, how it works in your vehicle, and if flushes are actually needed as a part of your regular vehicle maintance.
Learn What Brake Fluid Does and Why it Needs to be Changed from Milito's Auto Repair in Chicago -

What is Brake Fluid and Why Does it Need to be Changed?

We want to help you stay safe on the road. Learn more about staying on top of your vehicle's brake fluid levels and maintenance for optimal stopping power and safety.

Why is my check engine light on?

Ding! What do you do? Is your vehicle safe to drive? What does the light indicate? Find out what it can mean and what to do when your check engine light goes off.

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