What is Brake Fluid and Why Does it Need to be Changed?

Brakes are something drivers tend to use mindlessly and without worry – until they start to fail.

Quick stops and fast reactions are a must when it comes to Chicago city driving and an unsteady, unreliable braking system is stressful for the driver and unsafe for everyone in and around the city! While there are many things to pay attention to when it comes to maintaining a healthy braking system, staying on top of your brake fluid is one of the most important.

Why is brake fluid important?

Every vehicle has four brake rotors; brake pads clamps down on these rotors to stop the vehicle. But what applies pressure to all four braking pads? Your foot only applies pressure to one pedal after all. That’s where a vehicle’s braking fluid comes into play. Braking fluid converts your “pressing down on the brake pedal” energy into the force required to squeeze all four brake rotors, which stops your car on the spot, or should, if everything is functioning as intended.

Over time, hydraulic fluid in your braking system can become contaminated by moisture, dirt, and grime, altering your vehicle’s ability to securely stop. This can shorten the life of your vehicle’s braking system components. That’s why it’s important to make fluid flushes part of the regular maintenance routine of your car, truck, or SUV.

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When should you get brake fluid checked out?

There are few tell-tale signs that indicate you should get your car’s brake fluid evaluated and possibly flushed. If you find yourself pressing the brake pedal all the way, or almost all the way to the floor of your car, it could be running on low brake fluid. If you are pumping the brake pedal two or more times to bring your car to stop, low brake fluid may also be the culprit. Lastly, if your dashboard brake light is on, something is wrong, and it may likely be related to the braking fluid. Be sure to review your owner’s manual as well to learn more about your vehicle’s brake maintenance schedule, the experts wrote it for a reason!

Brake fluid flushes from Militos’ Auto Repair in Chicago, IL

You wouldn’t skip changing your car engine’s oil, right? We all tend to agree that dirty oil puts the entire engine at risk, and that same idea holds true for brake fluid. Let the fluid get dirty, and you may not be able to stop as well as you should. When something doesn’t feel quite right, or you know that it’s time for you braking fluid to be flushed, be sure to stop by Milito’s Auto Repair.

During a flush, our technicians expertly remove the old hydraulic fluid and replace it with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. We offer the highest quality brake fluid for any make or model of car.

Not sure what the problem is? That’s ok.

Swing into Milito’s and we’ll perform an expert brake inspection. Brake inspections help the technicians at Milito’s Auto Repair properly pinpoint any necessary repairs surrounding your front and rear brakes, ABS system, discs or rotors, brake pads, and brake lines. Every vehicle’s brakes wear differently, and inspections help us provide customers with accurate, expert repair estimates.

Often at a considerable cost savings over dealership pricing, Milito’s offers fair, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service – call to make an appointment with us today!

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