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To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are not detailing the interiors of vehicles.

1108 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago IL 60614

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park

Open Monday – Saturday 8a – 6p or Sunday 9a – 5p


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Car Detailing in Chicago -

Express Car Detailing (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

Make your car look amazing inside and out with our express car detailing service.

Car washes are a dime a dozen and while they make your car shine from the outside, the interior is often the most neglected, yet most used, area of the vehicle. Do something for yourself at Milito’s.

Relax while we take of everything!

Let us vacuum your car, wash the outside, towel dry, and detail the interior of your vehicle – all in as little as 30 minutes! That’s where the express part comes in.

We understand that time is money and nobody wants to wait too long.

Car Detailing Services (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Seat Cleaning

We shampoo your upholstered seats and give them new life or clean, condition, and moisturize your leather interior. We also treat any stains on your upholstery or leather to rejuvenate the interior and restore the original appeal.

Carpet and Mats

We deep clean your car’s carpeting and mats, lifting out most stains, and removing any foul odors. This is especially important after the winter months, when layers of salt and other elements of winter get embedded into your mats.

Hand Waxing

Waxing restores shine and provides an additional layer on top of the clear coat so that as the car is washed there is no direct contact with the paint. We recommend it twice a year, before Winter and in the Spring to keep your car looking great!

Plus, we wipe down all hard surfaces in the interior!

Inside the doors, the dash, center console, steering wheel, and the interior of the windshield are all cleaned up when you stop by Milito’s for an Express Detail.

Car Wash and Full-Service Detailing in Chicago at Milito's on W. Fullerton -

Car Detailing Packages

Choose Seat Cleaning, Carpet & Mats, Hand Waxing, or All 3.

  • 2 – 4 Passenger Vehicle

    $39.95 ea.
    $99 all 3

  • 5 – 7 Passenger Vehicle

    $49.95 ea.
    $109 all 3

  • +7 Passenger Vehicle

    $59.95 ea.
    $129 all 3


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1108 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park

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Conveniently located at 1108 W. Fullerton Ave., in the heart of Lincoln Park.

Milito’s is your go-to place for everything related to car care and auto repair.

Our wide range of vehicle services will make your car look great on the inside and outside, help it run better, and keep you moving down the road without a single worry!

  • review rating 5  Best in town. These guys are Awesome!!! I even seen them go out of their way helping others with things, they could have said no to. Outstanding customer service!

    thumb MrChuck2630
  • review rating 5  These guys working here are good honest people. We deal with them for 40+ years.

    thumb Hong Qian
  • review rating 5  I wish I could give Milito’s 10 stars! My car had an emergency issue and had to be towed. I haven’t owned a car for many years and I had no idea where to have it towed in the city. My insurance company first connected me with a different mechanic, but when I called the person on the other end of the phone was rude, and told me that my car wouldn’t be a priority to them and said they’d “Get to it when they get to it”. Needless to say I hung up and started to search for a mechanic on my own. I came across Milito’s and saw their great reviews, so I gave them a call. Lupé answered the phone, and she couldn’t have been nicer. Having car problems is a stressful situation, Lupé understood that and was so sweet to me. She explained that they would likely be able to work on my car the next morning (it was already 3:30pm when I called) and that someone would call me before the worked on it. JJ called me the next morning before 9am - he and I spoke about my car; I also mentioned to him that I had an event in the afternoon and that I was hoping to have my car fixed by then. He said he would do everything he could to make that happen. By 11am JJ had already called back to tell me that he put 2 technicians on my car and they had been able to replace my cars broken part and I could come pick it up whenever I wanted! He also said they would clean up my car and make it look nice. Boy did they ever! When I walked up to Milito’s, I could see my car from a block away - As Riri said, it was “Shining bright like a diamond”. My car looked brand new. I can not recommend Milito’s enough!

    thumb Sarah Dube
  • review rating 5  Jay Jay is the person you want to go to if you have any sort of trouble with your car! Also, his whole team are extremely sweet, caring and kind. They put so much thought and care for your car into their work! Highly recommend them over and over again.

    thumb Taylor Warner

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