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Foreign Car Repair in Chicago

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Why foreign car repair is different

The automotive world is changing fast, and many old truths about the manufacturing of automobiles are now becoming misconceptions.

It used to be thought that foreign cars were more expensive to repair because their replacement parts had to be shipped in from all over the world.

On the other hand, domestic cars were thought to be less reliable, making them more expensive to maintain over the full life of a car.

But in recent years, many foreign companies have plants in the United States, and some domestic brands have moved production overseas.

So what is the difference for foreign vehicle repair?

Foreign companies do still tend to use more proprietary parts that need to be specially ordered. And many Japanese brands are known for their quality and reliability, while European brands are often recognized for their superior craftsmanship and driving performance.

But no car is perfect, and the mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair are knowledgeable about foreign car repair. They have the expertise and experience to narrow down the potential list of problems sooner and identify model-specific issues no matter what make or model.

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Milito’s is a great place for your vehicle needs!! The staff is very friendly and the service is excellent & quick!! It is like having your own racing team pit stop

Just went to Milito’s for last minute help before my daughter drives back to school. Benny helped me and couldn’t have been nicer!! Milito’s is ALWAYS our “go to” place

After using these folks for 3 years, they continue to exceed expectations.

Full-Service Foreign Auto Care & Repair

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Inside, outside and under the hood, Milito’s has you covered from starting issues to brake replacement, heating and cooling problems to regular oil changes, plus car washes and full-service gas!

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Foreign Car Makes & Models Serviced

We service ALL foreign vehicles, with specialty services for German, Japanese, British and more!

Milito’s is here to first diagnose the problem

Since 1968, we’ve been working on all types of cars — from Mercedes-Benz to Lexus. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s to do your homework first. That’s why our expert mechanics will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your imported vehicle before any work begins.

Whether you drive a 1995 BMW E38 or a 2018 Volvo V60, we can quickly figure out what’s wrong, and give you a clear estimate of what it will take to fix. Our expert foreign car mechanics will then take care of the problem fast to get you confidently back on the road in no time at all!

From Inspections to Service Milito's is Your One Stop Shop for Your Used Volvo - Located Right in Lincoln Park Chicago 60614

Top Foreign Auto Repair Problems

Every make and model comes with it’s own set of possible problems, but there are some common issues.

Electrical Component Malfunctions — The owners of foreign vehicles like Audis and Saabs have reported that the most common electrical failures include a digital dashboard, console or display, failed tail lamps, and erratic lights.  

Exhaust Gas Recirculation — Also referred to as “EGR,” this system is one that reduces the temperatures in the vehicle’s combustion chamber. When it experiences wear, tear, and carbon build up, these repair problems require the expertise of a foreign auto repair professional.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement — The oxygen sensor is a small electronic sensor inserted into the exhaust system of gasoline-powered BMW vehicles. When it malfunctions, the engine management computer is left guessing as to the amount of oxygen being fed to the engine. This leads to increased fuel consumption and decreased efficiency of the engine and the catalytic converter.

Failure of Ignition Coil or Spark Plug — One of the most common mechanical problems in foreign cars, failure of the ignition coil or spark plugs is also the primary reason engines misfire and could lead to a dead cylinder.

All of these problems and more can be fixed by the service mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Benefits of Getting Regular Check-Ups By Expert Foreign Car Mechanics

Improved Reliability

If you don’t take good care of your vehicle, it won’t be there for you in the future.

While this means oil changes and tire rotations, it also entails having routine check-ups performed by expert foreign car repair mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Higher Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your foreign car at some point in the future, you’ll want to keep up with routine service and maintenance.

This will help to ensure that it continues to run in optimal condition. Selling it will not only be easier down the road, but much more profitable!

Better Fuel Economy

First, make sure your tire pressure is set to the right levels. This prevents your car from expending unnecessary energy and fuel while moving.

If your air filter is clogged or your fuel lines are leaking, your vehicle’s fuel economy can be negatively affected by up to 20%.

Go Beyond Standard Service at Milito’s


From oil changes to wiper blades, Milito’s can keep your foreign car driving smoothly down the Chicago streets, any time of the year (even in pothole season).

Stop by for regular maintenance, no appointment needed!


Whether you need standard repairs from regular wear, or have a more complex problem with your foreign car, rely on Milito’s!

Our Service Specialists will care for your vehicle like its their own. We can diagnose and repair any issue quickly!

Full-Service Care

Milito’s takes care of Chicago’s foreign cars, inside and out!

Our full-service car wash pampers your car, and our full-service gas station and convenience store takes care of you!

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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