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How Mazda Has Stood The Test Of Time

The “open wing” look of the current Mazda logo is meant to symbolize Mazda’s vision to “expand its wings for the future,” something they’ve been doing since 1920. That sense of adventure running through Mazda cars has its roots in the heritage of Hiroshima, their home in Japan.

Much like a phoenix, Hiroshima rose from the ashes of nuclear destruction. They kept dreaming of a better future, and the spirit of courage and grit that has been part of Hiroshima’s successful rebuilding has continued to be an inspiration to Mazda.

From its humble beginnings as a company that sells three-wheel pickup trucks to winning the U.S. News and World Report 2017 Best Car Brand award, this company has tasted success and continues to grow.

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Who Is Buying a Mazda?

According to CarMax, Mazda has some of the youngest vehicle buyers, with the average age of ownership being 36.8 years old. Regardless of age, sales of Mazdas for 2018 totaled 300,325 vehicles, which was an increase of 3.7 percent compared to 2017.

Russell Wager, VP of Marketing at Mazda, says they’re “focusing on a tightly targeted group of passionate drivers and weaving stories that create an emotional engagement.”


That new focus has involved digital advertising, which includes video and content pushed out across a number of different platforms.

And it appears to be working — Mazda’s search interest is up 25% year-over-year, putting it among the top-growing auto manufacturers, and subscribers to Mazda’s YouTube channel are up more than 325%.

Top Mazda Repair Problems

While the Mazda is mostly a well-oiled machine with only minimal owner complaints, no vehicle is perfect, and there are a few issues that may need to be addressed.

  • Faulty Clutch Systems – Many drivers have reported that Mazda’s clutch systems contain defective release levers (clutch forks), bearings and pins. These defects result in early wear on clutch disks, pressure plates, and flywheels and, eventually, clutch failure.
  • Variable Valve Timing – Valves control the flow of fuel, air, and gasses in your engine. It’s been reported that while driving a Mazda (under 2,000 RPM), excessive stretching of the timing chain can cause a knocking/rattling noise that can lead to everything from oil leaks and stretched out timing chains to catastrophic engine failure.
  • Brake Booster Failure – Mazda found that drivers were having a hard time pushing the pedal during “initial pedal application”, and that the brake booster diaphragms develop tears near the outer seal. This can result in noise and decreased performance as the tears grow.
  • Melting Dashboards – This is just what it sounds like. It’s been reported that certain Mazda dashboards can’t take the heat of the sun and become sticky, shiny, and distracting – causing drivers to lose sight of the road.

All of these problems and more can be fixed by the Mazda service mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Benefits of Getting Consistent Mechanical Check-Ups for Your Mazda

By keeping up with routine maintenance, you’re ensuring:

Improved Reliability

You have to take good care of your car now if you want your car to be there for you in the future. This means not only oil changes and tire rotations, but also having routine check-ups performed by expert Mazda service mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Higher Resale Value

Keeping up with routine service and maintenance ensures that it will continue to run in optimal condition, which is important if you’re planning on selling your Mazda at some point in the future.

Better Fuel Economy

Make sure your tire pressure is set to the right levels to prevent your car from expending unnecessary energy and fuel while moving. In addition, your vehicle’s fuel economy can be negatively affected by up to 20% if you have a clogged air filter or leaking fuel lines.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Mazda

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If you’re looking for a reliable car but don’t want to pay for a brand new model, a used Mazda is the way to go.

Here are five things that you should do:

  1. Check the Records – Check the serial number with your local Mazda dealer for a service history. If they don’t have a history, ask to see the receipts for repair work and scheduled maintenance, and make sure it had credible records from the owner.
  2. Professional Inspection – Even if you ran a vehicle history report, you should still have the car inspected by a professional mechanic to find potential issues and to determine if the car has been in an unreported accident. Make sure they pay attention to engine-related components, like fluids, hoses and belts, radiator, and the battery.
  3. Check the Tires – Tires can tell you a lot regarding the maintenance and driving history of the car. If tires are worn unevenly across the width of the tread, this could indicated aggressive driving by the previous owner of the vehicle. Also look at the surface of the tire for feathering (bad alignment). Bad alignment can be caused by worn steering/suspension components, the Chicago potholes, or frame damage.
  4. Certified Pre-Owned – The certification provides a long-term warranty which is only offered after a rigorous 160-point test fully resolving any visual or technical flaws. It’s also factory-backed with a 7-years/100,000-mile powertrain coverage and 24-hour roadside assistance.
  5. Test Drive – You want to make sure you’re comfortable in the car. While driving, listen for any unusual sounds. Does the engine produce too much noise? How does the car handle? Pay attention to how well it responds to your inputs. Make sure the engine acceleration is strong and the gear shifts are smooth.

Technological Innovations from Mazda

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How a driver can see is up the utmost importance. Mazda cars are designed with the driver’s physical characteristics and behavior in mind, and break it down into three types – 1) panoramic visibility, 2) continuous visibility, and 3) visibility in darkness.

Cockpit Concept

Building off the visibility innovation, they also focus on a cockpit-centered experience that minimizes visual diversion by updating displays and using a new-generation human machine interface (HMI).

SKYACTIV Technology

From body construction and engine technology, to the chassis and transmission, every aspect of the vehicle is engineered to maximize driving dynamics and efficiency.

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The History of Mazda

The Mazda Company had humble beginning, starting as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company in 1920, later changing its name to Toyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. Beginning in 1931, the company changed its focus from making machinery tools and cork to creating a new line of cars – starting with the Mazda-Go auto rickshaw.

This was a three-wheeled open truck version that looked like a motorcycle, but featured a truck bed or open wagon on the back. A set of handlebars were used to steer, and it was powered by an air-cooled one-cylinder engine/transmission unit.

Toyo Kogyo also produced numerous weapons to be used by Japanese military during World War II. But from that point on, it was all about vehicles.

Key Events and Milestones in Mazda’s History

1960: The company introduced the Mazda R360 in 1960 and then the Mazda Carol just two years later.

1967: After forming a new business partnership with NSU, they produced the Cosmo Sport, making them the only manufacturer that creates the Wankel-type engine.

1970: Mazda North American Operations began in Seattle, Washington, and it was such as success that the company produced the Rotary Pickup just for North Americans.

1973: This was a pivotal year, the Mazda RX-3 became the first vehicle in the world to pass strict new U.S. standards for regulating exhaust emissions, then Car and Driver magazine purchased an RX-2 after their 40,000-mile evaluation and repurposed it as a race car becoming the first Mazda to win a professional race in the U.S.

1978: Mazda introduces the Mazda RX-7, the RX-8, and the piston-powered lightweight Mazda MX-5 Miata.

1979: Ford Motor Company purchases a 25 percent stake in Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., which would later become Mazda Motor Corporation.

1982: The one-millionth Mazda passenger car was sold in the U.S.

1983: Mazda RX-7 named as a Car and Driver “10 Best,” and the Mazda 626 was awarded Motor Trend “Import Car of the Year.”

1984: They established the Mazda Foundation as a way to give back to the communities where it does business, providing financial and volunteer support to various non-profit organizations.

1986: Mazda RX-7 wins the Motor Trend “Import Car of the Year” award.

1987: Mazda introduces the 929 luxury sedan, which gives the company a complete line of vehicles for North American customers.

1991: One-millionth Mazda B-Series Truck sold in the U.S.

1994: Mazda introduces the supercharged high-output, fuel-efficient Miller-cycle engine. This was the first automotive application of Miller-cycle technology in a mass-production vehicle.

1997: The new “Winged M” brand marquee is introduced worldwide.

Mazda Continues to Impress and a Look to the Future

2003: Mazda introduces 2004 RX-8 sports car, which was the world’s only rotary-engine sports car with a “Freestyle” door system and room for four adults.

2009: A lightweight, ultra-efficient combination of engine, chassis, suspension, transmission and body components called “SKY” is introduced that used the highest compression ratio in the world for gas engines. Those engines burned efficiently and delivered immediate, torque-rich response.

2013: Mazda creates the national Mazda Drive for Good® charitable program, which gives the company, dealerships, employees, and customers a way to give back to their local community.

2016: At the NY International Auto Show, the Mazda MX-5 Miata wins both the World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year awards, making it the only car ever to win both awards in the same year. Meanwhile, the CX-5 tops the Mazda3 as Mazda’s best-selling vehicle in the United States.

Fast Facts

There are working Mazda assembly factories throughout the world in 21 countries, and these production facilities distribute cars to more than 120 countries.

The designer of the current Mazda logo drew inspiration from an owl when creating it, and the “open wing” look is meant to symbolize Mazda’s vision to “expand its wings for the future.”

Expert Mazda Service, Maintenance, and Repair in Lincoln Park Chicago, IL 60614 at Milto's Auto Repair

The Mazda name comes from Jujiro Matsuda, the founder of Mazda, and the Iranian-Zoroastrian God of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata was added to the Guinness Book of Records in 2000 as the best-selling 2-seat sports car.

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The Mazda headquarters and factory survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II almost entirely unscathed.

Mazda is the only Japanese automaker to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans competition, which happened in 1991.

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