Milito’s Auto Repair Shop Takes Care of Regular Tesla® Maintenance

Keep Your Tesla® at Peak Performance with Routine Maintenance

Like all cars and trucks on the road today, routine maintenance is a staple of extending the life of your automobile and Tesla’s are no exception.

At Milito’s Auto Repair, we have the capabilities to keep your Tesla on the road and running at peak performance, no matter what the weather is like in Chicago!

Milito’s is your dealer alternative for all makes and models, and when it comes to regular maintenance and repairs – even your Tesla!

Milito’s Auto Repair Offers Full-Service, Routine Tesla Auto Maintenance

When basic components such as headlights and brake changes need to be addressed, Milito’s has you covered!

You don’t have to bring your Tesla to the dealership for every small repair or regular maintenance.

As your dealer alternative Milito’s is often a more cost-effective choice.

One thing that every car needs is a quality set of windshield wipers to make sure you’re driving safely, especially during harsh weather conditions we see so often in Chicago.

By taking your Tesla to Milito’s Auto Repair, you can rest easy knowing we offer windshield wiper replacement as part of a routine maintenance check so you can have one less thing to worry about the next time you have to drive in the rain or snow.

We can also service many items on your Tesla’s maintenance schedule, such as brake pads and fluid replacement, cabin air filters, brake caliper lubrication, and tire rotations, to name a few.

Beyond the basics, Milito’s has the ability to service and replace Tesla tires as well – and often at better rates than the dealership.

Tesla Routine Maintenance Auto Repair Shop -

Milito’s is Your One-Stop Tesla Repair & Maintenance Shop!

Many auto repair shops don’t offer full service maintenance for Tesla’s and other electric vehicles. This can make routine maintenance for a Tesla a time-consuming endeavor to find a good auto repair shop, especially if the dealership is too busy to get you in fast, or has extraordinarily high rates.

The trained technicians at Milito’s Auto Repair prides itself on being able to deliver top-quality inspections to both standard cars and EVs like Teslas.

Milito’s Auto Repair is a shop that Chicago has trusted since 1963

Our reputation for customer care and ensuring safety of drivers is top notch! By taking your Tesla to Milito’s team of experts, you’re always in good hands. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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