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We Specialize in Uber & Lyft Inspections and Everyday Savings for Drivers

Becoming a Lyft or Uber driver is a great way to make some extra cash and in these busy Chicago streets, drivers are in high demand! While there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to fares and driving schedules, the safety and health of your vehicle is about as concrete as they come.

The reputations of Uber and Lyft rest on the consumer belief that no matter what driver picks them up, their car is going to be trustworthy, reliable, and safe. That means they have to pass stringent inspections and be in tip top condition at all times – Milito’s Auto Repair can help with that!

We’ve been performing quality auto maintenance in Chicago since 1968. Our team of experienced technicians goes beyond your standard oil change, providing all types of preventative maintenance on any make or model of car, keeping you on the road safely ready to pick up the next passenger.

Inspections in Chicago

Uber and Lyft inspections for your vehicle are crucial to start driving and keep moving safely down the road. Chicago has its own set of requirements, and we can ensure you comply.

We’ll print out the inspection form for you, inspect your vehicle on all safety points and provide the documentation you need to get on the road.

Car Wash Discounts

Save on car washes when you fill-up at the pump!

Make the best impression on your riders with a clean car, inside and out.

$5 Deluxe wash & vacuum

$8 Premium wash, vacuum and interior wipe down

$10 Supreme wash, vacuum, interior wipe down and wheel shine

Car Care and Repairs

Milito’s is a one-stop solution for Uber and Lyft drivers!

Our oil changes are a step above – get your first oil change at half-price, with a free car wash!

We also do complete car maintenance and full-service vehicle repairs of all types, on all makes and models.

Uber Visa Debit Card

We accept the Uber Visa Debit Card with great perks for drivers.

3% Cash Back at the pump at Mobil Gas Stations

Back Up Balance protection for no overdraft penalties up to $100

Plus, get perks at Walmart, Sprint and Urgent.ly roadside assistance.

The Milito’s Difference   

With over 40 years of experience in car repair, our technicians have seen everything and are dedicated to identifying and fixing your car troubles with accuracy and professionalism.

“From start to finish, my repair was handled with complete professionalism. The staff was friendly and accommodating and completed the service in a speedy manner.”

Toyota S.Another Happy Customer

“I have been going to Milito’s for more than 20 years. JayJay and his team treat me (and I know others) as they would their family. We all know that inner feeling of angst about car trouble and cost and time. They are THERE when you pull up; computer in hand in no time with quick diagnosis. It’s like living in a small town going to Milito’s. In all these years, their attention has got better. I love them.”

Colette N.Another Happy Customer

“It’s the best thing a shop can offer. I feel that they give me the details straight— I understand what the mechanics are talking about. And they remember me and my car from one visit to the next.”

Chris L.Another Happy Customer

“Jose was so efficient, fast, and courteous in dealing with my engine trouble, getting the necessary parts and fixing my car in half a day at a fair price. I am very pleased with Milito’s service.”

DanielAnother Happy Customer

Expect Uber & Lyft Inspections in Chicago, IL

New Uber and Lyft drivers need to have their car inspected before they can get on the road.

Drivers are also required to have their vehicle re-inspected annually to ensure the safety of their passengers and themselves.

You cannot have one inspection for both Uber and Lyft; while they are very similar, the inspections for each company need to happen separately.

Luckily, Milito’s can help with complete vehicle inspections for Lyft or Uber!

Conveniently located in the Chicago area, Milito’s makes fast, accurate service a priority, getting back in the driver’s seat as quickly as possible.

And if a we do detect a problem with your vehicle, we take the time to explain exactly what’s going on, and work with you to find a remedy that fits your car and your budget.

Lyft and Uber Vehicle Inspections in Chicago - Militos Auto Repair

Expert Uber & Lyft Inspection Services Checklist

Lyft and Uber drivers need to have their car inspected by an expert, state-licensed mechanic who takes the time to look at all aspects of car care and maintenance.

Both companies have a 19-point checklist of items a mechanic is required to assess and clear during an inspection. These include:

  • Foot brakes
  • Steering mechanism
  • Emergency brake
  • Tail lights
  • Turn indicator lights
  • Front seat adjustments
  • Speedometer
  • Bumpers
  • Tires and tread depth
  • Safety belts for passengers and drivers
  • Rear window and remaining glass
  • Windshield
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights
  • Stop lights
  • Doors
  • Horn
  • Muffler/Exhaust System
  • Interior/Exterior Rearview mirrors

Fill-Up Your Tank & Get a Car Wash Discount!

Get a $5.00 Deluxe car wash when you fill up your gas tank at Milito’s! And we’ll do more than just wash the outside. Relax in our waiting room while we wash the outside of your car and top it off with towel hand-dry. We go the extra mile with a vacuum for the interior and a windshield wash too.

Upgrade to the Premium wash for just $8 that also includes an interior wipe down.

Or go Supreme for $10 and we’ll shine up your wheels too.

Expect nothing but the best from Milito’s.

Our gas station is open 24-hours with self-service and diesel, plus a convenience store for a hot cup of coffee or midnight snack while you’re working.

Harkening to days gone by, we also off full-service gas between 7am and 10pm every day!  We’ll check your oil, fill up the tires, and clean the windows while you take a well-deserved break.

Uber and Lyft Car Care Specials in Chicago - MilitosAutoRepair.com
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