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Car Steering and Suspension Repairs in Chicago at Milito's Auto Repair on W Fullerton in Lincoln Park -

Get Back on the Road Safely with Milito’s Auto Repair.

Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL can help ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system ready for every bump along the road. Front and rear suspension components absorb energy while in motion and helps your tires stay planted firmly on the road while going over rough terrain.

As steering & suspension components wear out or your vehicle experiences a sudden impact, the safety of your car or truck and alignment of the chassis can be negatively affected. Leave the work to the pros and make an appointment at Milito’s to get your steering and suspension system evaluated and repaired.

If you’re experiencing steering issues and feel every bump and pothole, make an appointment at our auto repair shop. Milito’s will diagnose the source of the issue and fix it reliably. Whether it’s your tie rods or ball joints, chassis, rack and pinion system, or shocks and struts – our experienced technicians will provide trusted repairs on time and within budget.


Maybe your car doesn’t track quite right or you find yourself over-compensating for the steering system. An alignment is a regular maintenance procedure for all cars and trucks – contact Milito’s Auto Repair to schedule yours.

Tie Rods / Ball Joints

Vital to your steering system, tie rods and ball joints can wear out over time and may require replacement or repair. Luckily, Milito’s Auto Repair can take care of that, getting you back on the road and taking those turns in no time.

Rack and Pinion

A classic design, a vehicle’s rack and pinion system works with power steering to move the car easily in the correct direction.

As issues arise, Milito’s Auto Repair will evaluate these components as part of an overall alignment check.

Power Steering

A normal part of all makes and models of vehicles, drivers tend to take power steering for granted. But once it breaks and the steering wheel isn’t so easy to turn, drivers want this fixed fast. That’s where Milito’s Auto Repair comes in.

Shocks and Struts

These components help maximize driver/passenger comfort while minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise. Driving a vehicle with blown shocks and struts isn’t just uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous, call Milito’s today.

The Milito’s Difference   

With decades of experience in car repair, our technicians have seen everything and are dedicated to identifying and fixing your car troubles with accuracy and professionalism.

What kind of steering & suspension issues might I encounter?

When a vehicle’s steering and suspension system is functioning properly, you don’t really notice it. The car just rides right. It’s not until you begin to notice your car pulling to the left, feeling those minor bumps in the road, or struggle to turn your steering wheel, that you begin to think about your car’s suspension system. If something doesn’t feel quite right, or your ride isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, make an appointment at Milito’s Auto Repair.

If your car or truck has started handling out of the ordinary, bring it down to Milito’s Auto Repair to get it checked out before a small problem becomes a much bigger one.

You won’t be led astray or talked into unnecessary repairs – we have the experience and tools necessary to get you moving in the right direction. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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