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Boost fuel economy with the very best diesel available

Diesel Fuel Gas Station Open 24-7 on W Fullerton in Chicago - MilitosAutoRepair.com

Redefining Diesel Fuel & Auto Care in Chicago

Once thought of as a dirty, smog-emitting fuel that only larger trucks and tractors use, diesel fuel has gotten a modern makeover. New advances in diesel engines, exhaust treatment systems, and the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) has made it more common that you may realize.

30 – 35% more fuel efficient than regular gasoline vehicles, diesel-powered engines boost fuel economy and meet the same emission guidelines as gas-powered cars.

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, any old fuel won’t do. Diesel engines require specially manufactured diesel fuel to run as intended.

Not all gas stations carry top-quality diesel fuel – but Milito’s Gas Station does.

Militos Gas Station Chicago

Fuel Up with Diesel #2

With ultra-low sulfur content, diesel fuel #2 has a high energy content and provides great fuel economy for your diesel-powered vehicle.

Self-Service 7 Days

Diesel fuel pumps are open 5a – 10p, 7 Days a week, in a well-kept, generously lit area. Plus visit our well-stocked convenience store!

Mobil Synergy Diesel

Mobil Synergy diesel is blended to provide good ignition quality and is held to high quality standards for our customers.

Milito’s Gas Station is conveniently located at 1108 W. Fullerton Ave.

Stop by and see us in the heart of Lincoln Park, right across from the DePaul University Quad.


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1108 W. Fullerton Ave
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Located in the heart of Lincoln Park

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Milito's Auto Repair Shop, Gas Station and Car Wash, Chicago IL 60614 - MilitosAutoRepair.com

Milito’s is your go-to shop for everything related to car care and repair!

Our wide range of vehicle services will make your car look great on the inside and outside, help it run better, and keep you moving down the road without a single worry!

Our full- and self-service gas station, convenience store and car wash keep you moving more affordably.

Plus, Milito’s professional car repair services have been helping the people of Chicago stay safe on the road since 1968! Offering foreign and domestic auto repair, we diagnose the issue that brought you to a stop and provide an estimate that fits your schedule and budget.

Locally owned and operated, people come back to Milito’s Auto Repair for more than a fill up.

The relationships our technicians form with everyone, whether you’re a first-time customer or lifelong supporter, makes the difference. Expect courtesy, honesty, and care at Milito’s Auto Repair.

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