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Comfort is Key

Car Heating, Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago at Milito's Auto Repair in Lincoln Park

Keep your car comfortable at any temperature with Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL.

If you are experiencing temperature discomfort, the technicians at Milito’s Auto Repair are equipped to diagnose climate control issues and repair both air conditioning and heater systems on a wide range of car makes and models.

Regular maintenance and attention to your vehicle’s heating and cooling system will prevent the drying out and cracking of A/C components and leaky valves or blockages to your heater. Milito’s Auto Repair takes the time to make sure your car’s heating and cooling system is performing as expected and won’t send you on your way till we can guarantee system performance and consistent climate control – that’s our promise.


Air Conditioning

Count on Milito’s Auto Repair to keep your car’s cooling system operating safely and efficiently.

Whether it’s an A/C inspection, coolant fill up, flush, or a more complex system repair, we’ve got your car care covered.

Coolant Flushes

Engine coolant provides protection to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system around the clock. Flushing coolant as recommended by the manufacturer is an important preventative maintenance measure, and reduces the potential for malfunction.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can occur anywhere in the cooling system, but you will most likely see it dripping, spraying, or seeping from the leaky component or puddling underneath your car. If that happens, schedule an appointment with Milito’s Auto Repair.

Radiator Repair

Prevent engine overheating with regular maintenance and timely repair. The radiator itself, including the cap, hoses, and thermostat are all part of the system’s central core. Without a properly functioning radiator, you’re not going to get very far. We can help!

The Milito’s Difference   

Expect the best. Don’t be surprised if your car comes back freshly washed – sparkling from the inside out.

“I have to say, I’ve been coming here years! From my 98 Camry to my 2015 camry. No matter how small the problem, these guys help me without a thought. Thanks Milito’s, no matter the weather, you guys are always there! And us little people appreciate all that you guys do!”

Jessica B.Another Happy Customer

“Stopped because of my overheating car. Staff was extremely friendly. They fixed it quickly for decently cheap and got us back on the road. George was quick, friendly, and very thorough. Thank you! I recommend stopping here for all your car service needs!”

Caleb M.Another Happy Customer

Our Heating and Cooling System Evaluation Includes:

  • Quality service performed by a professional technician.
  • An inspection of entire coolant system, including belts, hoses, caps, clamps, cooling fans, water pump and radiator.
  • Taking note of any signs of malfunction and overheating.
  • A Combustion Leak Test designed to identify internal leak(s) in the combustion system which may not be visible upon initial inspection.
  • Oil and transmission fluid check to determine any potential coolant leak in the engine.
  • Perform pressure test on radiator cap
  • Top off coolant level if necessary
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

The Milito’s team works hard to pinpoint any issues present in your heating and cooling system that prevent you from enjoying the ride. After an accurate diagnosis and estimate, our technicians repair all necessary components including the radiator, thermostats, water pump, belts, etc., guaranteeing consistent comfort at every temperature.

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All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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