4 Tips for Summer Car Care in Chicago

Summer is here!

You know what that means, longer days full of sunshine and warmth. It’s time to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer or hit the road and take a family trip outside of the windy city. However you choose to enjoy the summer, it’s important to take care of your car, truck, or SUV and prep it properly for all the summer fun you have in store. Here are a few car care tips to keep in mind, especially over the hot summer months.

Get Your Car Inspected at Milito’s Before the Big Road Trip

Chicago winters can be long and brutal on cars. Before you crank up the summer tunes, be sure to stop into Milito’s Auto Repair and get your vehicle inspected for signs of damage or corrosion following the winter months. Extended periods of cold weather can affect a car’s battery, and the road salt can accelerate decay on the wires, lines, and part of the chassis if they aren’t sealed well.

Get Your Wheel Alignment Checked

Potholes are part of the drill when driving in Chicago, but repeated contact with them over the winter can misalign your wheels. Misalignment can wear out your tires unevenly, reduce their lifespan, and increase fuel expenses.  It forces your car, truck, or SUV to work harder than it normally would because of the uneven pressure between the tires. When your car is working harder than it should, the rest of it the vehicle is in danger of developing issues as well.

Summer Car Care for Chicago - MilitosAutoRepair.com

Make Sure the Radiator/Coolant System is Top Notch

As Chicago’s heat index rises, it’s important to make sure your car’s radiator/coolant system is working as it should. Make sure your vehicles air conditioning system is on the up and up as well. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hot car in the middle nowhere!

Get a Coat of Wax on the Exterior

Your vehicle’s paint is the most vulnerable during the summer due to extended heat and sun exposure. Thinking about adding a coat of high-quality wax to the exterior of your car at the start of summer. This will protect the paint job and keep your car looking great. Stop into Milito’s and take advantage of our supreme car wash.

Enjoy a complete vacuum, wash, spot-free rinse, and super dry. We’ll also clean the undercarriage, door jams, dashboard, and steering column, wash the windshield and mirrors, plus the wheels and tires. This treatment includes Real Carnauba Wax, Rust Repel, and a FREE Deluxe Re-Wash within three days.

Make an appointment at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL today.

We can perform an expert inspection, check your wheel alignment, make sure your air conditioning is working great, and slap a coat of wax on your car on the way out. It truly is Chicago’s one stop shop for car care and repair.

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