8 Important Tips For Classic Car Repair and Maintenance

How to keep your classic car running and looking great

The secret to keeping your classic running and looking great is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance routine and getting it checked by the professionals at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

How do you keep that classic car a classic?

If you’re to believe late night infomercials, there are miracle cures and magic potions that can fix any paint scratch or keep the engine of your classic car running like new. It’s a nice thought, but the truth is that all the quick-fix “solutions” and specially-formulated car care products you can find won’t guarantee a classic car that continues to run well while looking great.

The secret to that success? That would be the regularly scheduled care and maintenance that older vehicles require. Following the simple tips below will make a real difference in both the appearance and performance of your classic car.

Important Tips For Classic Car Repair and Maintenance from the Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Lincoln Park Chicago 60614

Change transmission fluid and differential oil

It’s recommended that you bring your classic car to Milito’s Auto Repair to have an experienced mechanic change these fluids. They will watch for metal shavings in the old fluid. If no shavings are seen, they will be able to either refill immediately with new fluid or remove the cover and get everything cleaned up before refilling with new fluid.

Change the oil

The average vintage car or truck typically travels fewer than 1,500 miles per year, so you might think that you don’t have to change the oil that often. However, oil in a vintage engine that sits idle for months can break down from the residual gas, dirt, and other contaminants generated from running. Regardless of how many miles you rack up, engine oil should be changed every six months.

Give the cooling system a flush

Whether your car is a classic or brand new, the cooling system should be flushed out at least once a year. To help prevent the system from corroding or developing any deposits that can restrict flow through the system, replace the old coolant with a fresh 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water.

Clean it up

When it comes to your classic car’s paint finish, nothing removes harmful impurities like salt and road grime that will eat away at that finish easier than regularly washing your car. Make sure to clean the underside of the car to keep all the exposed parts clean and free of corrosion.

Check your ball joints

Ball joints connect the control arm to the steering knuckle, and they should be checked according to the manufacturer scheduled maintenance, or at every oil and filter service. While a dry ball joint will quickly fail, a well greased joint can last a lifetime.

Lube your drive-line

Just like your ball joints require lubrication, so do many components of your drive-line, like the u-joints and driveshaft. While they’re generally low-maintenance, when it’s time to service them, it can be very easy or very hard depending on the system you classic car has. But checking to make sure everything looks greased can save you time and money should any part of your drive-line need to be replaced.

Repack your wheel bearings

What exactly do your wheel bearings do? Believe it or not, those small steel balls or rollers support the entire weight of your vehicle. That’s why you should regularly inspect, clean and repack your wheel bearings with the recommended grease at your regularly scheduled major service intervals.

Check the brakes

Classic car brakes are essential to ensure your classic car remains in good working order. This isn’t a place to cut any corners, as they help your car remain safe and maintain value. At least twice a year, have an experienced mechanic bleed the brakes and check to make sure the brake pads aren’t unevenly wearing down your rotors.

Benefits of Taking Your Classic Car To Milito’s Auto Repair

Our mechanics have undergone extensive training and have gained practical experience for years, which is now they gained their knowledge about the internal mechanics of classic cars. Their superior services and professionalism are unmatched, and will reassure you at every step of the repair and maintenance of your classic car.

Contact Milito’s Auto Repair about any issues you’re experiencing with your classic car, and bring your vehicle in to make sure it’s in the best possible shape before you hit the Chicago roads!

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