Diagnosing a Check Engine Light


Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is on or flashing, it’s time to visit Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL. Maybe the last thing you want to deal with, a check engine signal is not something to overlook. An illuminated check engine or service engine soon light indicates that a part of your vehicle’s system is not operating properly. A car diagnostic check at Milito’s Auto Repair can identify the problem, no matter how big or small, right away.

Drive with peace of mind at Milito’s Auto Repair. It’s hard to self-diagnose a check engine light, but at Milito’s Auto Repair, technicians put their experience to work, thoroughly investigating the code error to properly diagnose the problem. Trust Milito’s to take care of any necessary repairs affordably, getting you back in the driver’s seat of a well-running vehicle.

My Check Engine Light Is Flashing, What Now?  

A flashing check engine light may indicate a problem that requires immediate attention to prevent further damage. Schedule an appointment with Milito’s Auto Repair right away. A technician will analyze your car’s computer system, and use experience along with a sound background in repair to determine the root of the problem – and how to fix it – with accuracy and professionalism.

Getting to the Solution.

Milito’s Auto Repair keeps things simple and honest. If you are aware of a problem with your car or truck, stop in. Your safety is our #1 priority.

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Milito’s Auto Repair Car Diagnostic Services

In-Depth Diagnostics

State-of-the-art equipment and professional technicians, allow us to accurately run a diagnostic test on your car, truck or SUV. We determine what repairs are needed, provide you with a precise estimate and get to work right away!

Engine Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is part of general engine maintenance.

A well-tuned engine delivers the best balance of power and fuel economy and producing a lower level of emissions.

Drivability and Performance

Maybe you can get on the road, but it’s not pleasant. If you are experiencing drivability issues, bring your car into Milito’s Auto Repair – our diagnostic testing can help identify and fix the problem at a fair price.

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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