Chicago’s Best Sunday Drives

Scenic Sunday

A leisurely drive is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Go solo to clear your head, enjoy your favorite music, or catch up on podcasts – or take a cruise with loved ones to explore new parts of the city, enjoy conversations, and soak up a casual day on the road.

1. Through Humboldt Park

Beautiful Humboldt Park is a Chicago staple, but you can actually take a scenic cruise right through the park, over the lagoons, and out and around the perimeter. With views of the skyline in the distance, and plenty of opportunities to stop, walk around, and enjoy the seasonal flowers, Humboldt Park is a place many people know, but few consider for a leisurely Sunday drive.

2. Morton Arboretum

Just 25 miles outside of the city, the Morton Arboretum has 9 miles of paved roads through gorgeous forests and a natural landscape maintained year round. It’s just a quick trip down the highway to escape the hustle and bustle in favor of green spaces of various tree collections. Depending on the time of year, you can find special events, and every visit is a chance to learn about the environment while enjoying natural beauty so close to the city.

Scenic Drives in Chicago from Milito's Auto Repair right in Lincoln Park

3. Columbus Drive

This is a particularly great drive if you have visiting guests, or just want to feel a bit touristy for the day. The cruise down Columbus Drive provides some fantastic skyline views, as well as a trip through Grant Park past Millenium Park, the Modern Wing of The Art Institute of Chicago, and Buckingham Fountain. Even if you spend all of your time in the city, this casual drive will re-acquaint you with some its most popular spots!

Enjoy The Ride

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