What Makes Audi Great?

A Luxury Icon: Audi

Whether it’s seeing a sleek Audi driving down the street, on the silver screen in the latest Avengers movie, or driving your own, most people associate the luxury car brand with quality, coolness, and all around excellence.

But where does that reputation come from?

Designing the Future

For decades, Audi has been committed to creating vehicle designs that serve both form and function. Pioneers in aerodynamic and lightweight construction, breakthrough vehicles like the TT, A2, A8, and even the 100 sedan from the early 80s have introduced aluminum “spaceframes,” quattro all-wheel drive, and a unique approach to wheel arches, among other features.

Aesthetically, the company is committed to marrying vehicle features with a look and feel that makes a statement. Not only are many Audi models decorated with leather interiors and gorgeous console designs, many also adhere to a ratio of 2 parts body, 1 part cabin, keeping the vehicles both sleek and spacious.

State of the Art Technology

Modern Audi models have an array of high-tech features that stay in line with the company’s history of innovation. From the e-tron® electric models to technology like adaptive cruise assist, steering assist, dynamic all-wheel steering, and beyond, many Audis are one the cutting edge.

These features make the driving experience safer, as well as more comfortable.

All Audis Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

Environmentally Friendly

Audi has made huge strides over the years to make cars and SUVs that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Beyond the e-tron® models, TDI and other diesel models boast drastically reduced CO2 emissions, and for gasoline engines, cylinder deactivation technology helps increase fuel economy and lowers the driver’s overall carbon footprint.

A Rich History

In business for over a century, Audi has covered a tremendous amount of ground. They introduced the world’s first left-hand drive production car in 1921, the first German 8-cylinder vehicle to go into production in 1926, have manufactured motorcycles, race cars, electric SUVs, and so much more.

Audi has led the charge with fuel injected diesel engines, rotary piston engines, and other engine types, developed the continuously variable transmission (CVT), taken home multiple American Le Mans trophies (among other racing accolades), and has remained a household name in functional luxury cars for generations.

Let Us Take Care of Your Audi

Audi vehicles are sophisticated and stylish, but that can also come with the perception that they are difficult to work on. At Milito’s Auto Repair, our technicians are on hand to take care of Chicago Audi drivers, from major repairs to routine maintenance. If you are currently driving an Audi in Chicago, or considering getting one, trust that you’ll be in good hands with the Milito’s team!

Audi Service and Maintenance by the Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
All Audis Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
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