Where To Take Your Jeep For Repairs In Chicago

Where You Should Have Your Jeep Serviced In Chicago

An American classic like a Jeep shouldn’t be dealt with like any other car. There are specialized functions and a deep knowledge and intricacy that needs to be understood by those who work under the hood.

And while you think might think that requires the work of a Jeep dealership, here at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago we can guarantee to increase the lifespan of your car after it has been through the capable hands of our experts.

Why Own a Jeep?

With the, “Go Anywhere. Do Anything” slogan, what you’re getting with a Jeep is adventure, loyalty, and passion. You can customize it to your specifications — whether you want to take it offroad and on the dirt trails or simply want a roofless, doorless fun vehicle in the warmer weather.

But one Jeep owner said it best, “When you purchase a Jeep, you join a unique club of enthusiasts that are unlike any other. Heaven forbid you don’t wave as you pass another Jeep owner on the road. If you park at the mall, other Jeep owners will automatically park next to you. Pull into a store with your Jeep and any other Jeep owner will automatically start up a conversation like you’ve been friends for years. The Jeep Wrangler is truly an American classic.”

Where You Should Have Your Jeep Serviced In Chicago - Milito's Auto Repair Chicago, IL 60614

Common Problems With Jeeps

Despite it’s stellar reputation, Jeeps are not immune to problems.

Some of the most common issues are:

Electrical Issues

Drivers have reported a faulty Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM), which is the vehicle’s electrical command center. This results in the fuel pump not turning off and burning out, airbags not deploying or deploying randomly, engine stalling while driving, the starter cranking but not starting, horn going off at random times, power windows not working, and doors locking or unlocking themselves.


One of the most commonly reported problems is the “death wobble” that can occur after 50,000 miles. This is caused by a loose or worn suspension and steering components. It may happen at a certain speed and subside as the vehicle accelerates through the range.

Shifting Malfunction

Most of the complaints are for rough shifting — things like jerking and hesitation when shifting gears. There have been reported cases of the driver putting it in park, only to find out it had shifted into reverse or drive and continued to move despite no driver behind the wheel.


It has been reported that the engine has shut off while driving, before the check engine light will come on. Many have said that after having the oil changed, the engine inexplicably blew. This is most common with Jeep Wrangler’s V6 engines and the cylinder heads.

All of these problems and more can be fixed by the Jeep service mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Estimate Jeep Repair Costs Easily

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Benefits of Taking Your Jeep To Milito’s Auto Repair

So why bring your car to Milito’s instead of going to a Jeep dealership? Continuing to take your Jeep to the dealership for auto repairs after the warranty expires is a costly mistake many drivers make.

Our mechanics have undergone extensive training and have gained practical experience for years, which is how they have gained their knowledge about the internal mechanics of the Jeep. Their superior services and professionalism are unmatched, and will reassure you at every step of the repair and maintenance of your Jeep.

Contact Milito’s Auto Repair about any issues you’re experiencing with your Jeep, and bring your vehicle in to make sure it’s in the best possible shape before you hit the Chicago roads!

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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