5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

Get The Most Out of Your Gas Mileage

With gas prices as they are in Chicago right now, every gallon counts. And you don’t need to buy a brand-new car to help improve your gas mileage.

A few small tweaks here and there can actually make a big difference. Here are 5 easy ways to stretch a gallon.

Replace your air filter

For every gallon of gasoline your engine burns, it also burns thousands of cubic feet of air, so if your air filter is dirty – your gas mileage will be affected.

Monitor your tires’ air pressure

Check the air pressure of your tires. Tires have rolling resistance, if you don’t have the right pressure in them, you’re going to have more resistance and get worse gas mileage. You can check the pressure for your own car or stop in anytime and we’ll happily check it for you.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage from the Pros at Milito's Auto Repair Right in the Heart of Lincoln Park Chicago

Check spark plugs

Next time you’re at Milito’s Auto Repair, ask one of our technicians to check your spark plug. If it’s worn out, that could be negatively impacting your gas mileage as well. Following your manufacturer’s guidelines, we can replace it in a snap.

Keep your engine oil clean

Part of the general maintenance routine of your car, truck, or SUV, keep your engine oil clean and use the manufacturer’s recommended oil type. Dirty oil will worsen your vehicle’s gas mileage over time.

Drive conservatively

Revving your engine uses more gas! To save gas and maximize mileage, drive more conservatively. That can be difficult on busy Chicago streets where stop and go traffic is a way of life, but whenever possible, cruise.

Sure, nobody likes filling up their gas tank, but at Milito’s Gas Station, we make the experience enjoyable.

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Follow these simple steps to optimize your car’s gas mileage and stop into Milito’s Auto Repair for a fill up, tune up, or maintenance check anytime.

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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