5 Tips to Clean the Interior of Your Vehicle

Spring cleaning includes car interior cleaning.

Hard to believe, but Spring is on its way. Chicago streets are warming up and the sun is shining. That means it’s time to think about Spring cleaning, and we’re not just talking about your house!

Have you looked inside your vehicle lately? Don’t cringe. The road salt, mud, snow, etc. from Chicago streets can really do a number on the interior of your car. But all is not lost; follow these simple steps to revive and restore your interior back its original splendor.

Use the Right Materials

Without the right items in your car cleaning tool kit, you’re not going to get very far. Collect the following before you roll up your sleeves:

  • Vacuum Cleaner: make sure it has an extension hose and hand-held attachments.
  • Chemical Cleaning Products: access your car’s surfaces and grab the appropriate cleaning products.
  • Wiping and Polishing Items: our favorite is a simple micro-fiber cloth.

Remove, Shake, and Vacuum the Rugs

Generally the dirtiest part of your car, take out the rugs and shake them, we mean really shake them. Dirt and grime from the snowy Chicago winter is most likely caked in the crannies. Sometimes you may need to loosen the dirt with a stiff brush prior to shaking. Then vacuum using a hand-held attachment and spray them down with your garden hose.

Keep Your Car Clean as New with Tips from Milito's Auto Repair in Chicago, IL

Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuum the carpet completely, being sure to move the seat forward and back, you never know what could be hiding under there. For intense stains, use commercial carpet cleaning products, much like you would on the interior carpet of your home.

Take Care with the Seats

Take note of what kind of seats your car, truck, or SUV has (leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery) because they are not equal when it comes to cleaning.

  • Cloth upholstery: a multi-purpose upholstery cleaner used in addition to a stain remover should do the trick.
  • Vinyl: Look through your array of cleaning products to find one that is ok to use on this material. Then spray and wipe, using a second cloth to dry – super easy!
  • Leather: keeping this clean is a bit difficult but investing in a high-quality leather cleaning product will work wonders. After cleaning, apply a leather conditioner to keep the material like new.

If you can’t get your seats to look exactly the way you want, or if there is a nagging stain that isn’t going anywhere, consider purchasing some nice seat covers.

Shine the Trim, Gauges, and Windows

For the glass interior of your car, a standard glass cleaner will work fine. For the gauge covers, front console, anything made of plastic really, use an all-purpose cleaner instead. Be sure to vacuum the console spaces first to get rid of any loose dust.

We’ll Do The Dirty Work

If time isn’t on your side, take advantage of Milito’s Auto Repair express car detailing services. Let us vacuum your car, wash the outside, towel dry, and detail the interior of your vehicle – all in as little as 30 minutes! Relax while we take of everything. And each interior detailing service includes a supreme car wash, that’s a deal you just can’t beat.

If you have any questions about our car wash, please contact us anytime.

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