Are Power Steering Flushes Necessary?

A hotly debated topic among car enthusiasts, we’d like to put our foot down Chicago-style on the subject of power steering fluid flushes.

Yes, in the past steering fluid flushes were not part of a recommended automotive maintenance program, but times have changed! The modern power steering systems of today don’t just suggest flushes but require them to ensure proper function and longevity.

Flushing the fluid from time to time in order to keep the power steering system well maintained is a worthwhile bit of maintenance.

Power steering fluid serves a critical purpose, the hydraulic fluid is responsible for the “power” part of your steering system. Have you ever tried to turn a wheel that wasn’t based on power steering? Not fun. Especially when you’ve been waiting at a Chicago stoplight for 15 minutes. Similar to a car’s transmission fluid, power steering fluid can become contaminated and dirty over time. As all the power steering elements such as O-rings and sealants wear, they deposit flecks of harmful materials into the fluid. The residue makes it harder for the power steering pump to move the fluid, causing wear on the pump itself. Meaning, dirty power steering fluid is related to early damage to the entire system, as the increased workload can shorten its lifespan considerably.

If you compare the cost of a power steering flush to anything else related to the repair or replacement of the power steering pump or rack and pinion unit, the writing is on the wall. (It’s generally much cheaper!)

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During a steering & suspension automotive inspection, our technicians will check your power steering system too, looking for any leaks or pending issues. If any repair or replacement needs are identified our mechanics will provide you with a precise estimate, and upon approval, get to work.

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