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Brake System Flushes

Maintain the integrity of your braking system with a fluid flush from Milito’s Auto Repair. Fluid flushes can extend the life of your braking system, reducing the risk of repair down the road. During a flush, our technicians expertly remove the old hydraulic fluid and replace it with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

We offer the highest quality brake fluid for any make or model of car. Over time, hydraulic fluid in your braking system can become contaminated by moisture, dirt, and grime, altering your vehicle’s ability to securely stop. This can shorten the life of your vehicle’s braking system components. That’s why it’s important to make fluid flushes part of the regular maintenance routine of your car, truck, or SUV.

Is a fluid flush really necessary?  

You wouldn’t skip changing your car engine’s oil, right? We all tend to agree that dirty oil puts the entire engine at risk, and that same idea holds true for brake fluid. Let the fluid get dirty, and you may not be able to stop as well as you should.

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Milito’s Brake Services

Brake Inspection

A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s braking system is the first step to properly diagnose and make repair recommendations for your car or truck. Milito’s will inspect your vehicle’s brake linings and other key components to provide you with an accurate repair estimate before any work begins.

Brake Repair

A quality, well-maintained vehicle braking system is essential to your safety and security on the road.

If you’re experiencing problems with any part of your brakes, it’s time to come into Milito’s.

ABS Systems

Make sure your anti-locking brake system is in good working order through regular inspections from the qualified professionals at Milito’s. ABS sensors can become dirty, resulting in improper functionality over time – Milito’s has you covered!

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