Militos Mobil Gas Station, Chicago IL 60614 -

Full Service Gas at Self-Serve Prices

Stay in your car and let us pump your gas – no extra charge!

Service. Safety. Sanitation.

To keep our customers safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering full-service gas assistance at no additional charge!!

Let us pump your gas, wash your windshield and check your tires, while you stay inside your car.

We’ll even answer any car care questions you have and help you schedule your next oil change or car repair.

Visit us at 1108 W. Fullerton, Chicago IL 60614 7-Days a week from 5am – 8pm.

Militos Gas Station Chicago Full-Service Contactless Gas -

Higher Standards = Safer Customers

Although we do our best to frequently wipe down gas pump handles, buttons, card readers and anything you may touch while pumping gas, we realized that we need to do more. So, we did.

Now you can pull up to any gas pump at Milito’s and we’ll pump your gas for you, for free!

That’s right, now you get full-service gas at self-serve prices, only at Milito’s! We’ve always provided that old-fashioned level of service, and now we’re taking it to the next level to keep our customers safer.

We’ll pump your gas, check your tires and wash your windshield for the same price as self-serve. 

Our lot is clean and well lit, and our convenience store is always well stocked and ready to keep you moving.

Call us!


Car Wash is Now Open

If you have a few extra minutes, let us wash your car too! A quick trip through our full-service car wash leaves the exterior sparkling clean, while you remain safe inside your car.

Get a full exterior wash with triple shine for just $10, add a wheel clean for $5.

Car was is open every day from 9am – 6pm.

Watch for our new interior deep cleaning and disinfect coming soon!

Militos Car Wash, W Fullerton Ave Chicago 60614 -

We’re committed to keeping Milito’s clean and our customers safe!

Stay in your car to avoid germs, escape the weather or just take a moment to yourself, take a deep breath and reset yourself, while we reset your car! Leave your mask on your dash and let us take care of you – certainly you deserve it!

Stop by Milito’s Any Day for Full-Service Gas & More

Gas Station Hours 5am – 8pm 7-Days a Week

1108 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60614

Call us at 773-477-2289

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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