Common Toyota® Repairs

Routine Maintenance is Essential to a Smooth Ride

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, it’s going to require maintenance and repairs from time to time. Toyotas are among the most reliable vehicles out there, but they still require routine service – and in the unfortunate case of accidents or catastrophe, they’ll of course need to be repaired.

Barring any unexpected damage, Toyota vehicles can still have problems – just like any other car.

Common Toyota Services and Repairs

Here are some of the repairs and maintenance you should expect as a Toyota owner:


Over time, using your brakes causes them to wear out – that’s just the nature of the friction it takes to slow and stop your car! With Chicago winters, road salt, and the stop and go traffic of the city, your brake pads and rotors are taking a lot of abuse.

A common rule of thumb is changing your brakes every 50,000 miles, but if you hear squeaking or grinding noises when you slow down, or feel your brake pedal vibrating, it might be time to take your Toyota in for brake work, no matter how many miles it has been.

Toyota Service and Maintenance by the Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

Oil Change

All vehicles need oil to keep the engine lubricated and in proper working order, and even the most reliable cars and trucks need oil changes from time to time. Keep a close eye on the mileage sticker you got at your last oil change. If you don’t have one, or can’t remember the last time your Toyota had its oil changed… Go to a trusted Chicago mechanic right away!

Staying on top of oil changes is one of the most important things you can do to extend the longevity of your vehicle. If you smell burning oil, hear clunking noises, or your engine is overheating, you might be dangerously low.

Sensor Checks

Modern cars have an array of sensors, many of which will trigger that notorious “check engine” light. Sometimes this is an indication of a serious problem, and in other cases, it’s simply a bad sensor that needs resetting or replacing.

If you see warning lights on your dashboard, a repair shop can run diagnostics, find the source of the issue, and provide you with necessary maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

High Mileage Checkup

Toyotas are reliable, long-lasting vehicles. That means that many of the Toyotas on the road today have high mileage (over 100,000). If this describes your situation, you may want to consider some regular checkups for your high mileage vehicle. Simply visiting a Toyota repair specialist for an overview can reveal underlying issues before they become major repairs, and provides the opportunity for mechanics to perform routine maintenance that will keep your vehicle running at its best.

Keep Your Toyota Pristine with Routine Care from Milito’s Auto Repair

If you need Toyota work done in Chicago, look no further than Milito’s Auto Repair. Stop by our shop in Lincoln Park for repairs and maintenance of all kinds or contact us today!

Toyota Service and Maintenance by the Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
All Toyotas Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

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