How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft: The CatClamp®

Have you been a victim of catalytic converter theft?

Imagine this scenario: You’re all packed up and ready for the workday as you get into your vehicle to and prepare to drive to work. You put your briefcase on the passenger seat and your travel mug in the cupholder. You put your foot on the break and press the ‘start engine’ button.

The engine starts like normal, but instead of the smooth purr of a well-tuned engine, your car sounds like a lawn mower! What the heck?

You get out of the vehicle and look underneath the car to see that there’s a huge section of your exhaust system missing. Sadly, you’ve just been victimized by catalytic converter theft.

Catalytic Converters are Prone to Theft for the Valuable Metals they Contain

Thieves are targeting catalytic converters more and more these days, as they’re made of valuable metals like platinum. If your converter is stolen, it can cost you a lot of money to replace—not to mention the hassle of having to get it fixed. But there’s a new device on the market that can help protect your converter from thieves, and it’s called the Cat Clamp.

Keep your Catalytic Converter Safe with a CatClamp®!

The CatClamp® is a simple device that attaches to your catalytic converter and prevents it from easily being removed by thieves. It’s made of heavy-duty metal and is designed to withstand attempts to cut or break it. And because it attaches directly to your converter, there’s virtually no way for thieves to steal it without damaging the converter itself.

CatClamp® Key Features:

  • Proven success for over ten years.
  • Universal design, one size fits most.
  • Model specific kits available for some vehicles.
  • Open cage design allows heat to dissipate normally from the converter.
  • No custom tools are needed for installation.
  • Installation of the CatClamp® may qualify your auto insurance policy for a discount, check with your auto insurance company for details.
Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft with a Cat Clamp from Milito's Auto Repair, Chicago IL -

If you’re worried about your catalytic converter being stolen, the CatClamp® is a great way to protect it from thieves.

If you’re like most car owners, you probably don’t think about your catalytic converter until it’s too late – or worse – missing. That’s why Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago offers the CatClamp® as a great way to protect your converter from thieves.

The CatClamp® is available to protect virtually all makes and models.

Catalytic converter bandits want a quick and easy score – and they can usually achieve this with a couple simple cuts using a reciprocating saw. But the CatClamp® makes stealing these valuable parts much more difficult and time consuming, and the mere presence of the CatClamp® can be enough to deter all but the most ambitious thieves.

The CatClamp® is a great way to protect your converter, and Milito’s Auto Repair is ready to give you the peace of mind you deserve. So don’t take chances with catalytic converter theftcontact the auto repair experts at Milito’s in Chicago to schedule an appointment today.

We can even take protect entire fleets from catalytic converter theft!

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