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Common Jeep Repairs

We can fix these issues, and any others that you have, plus perform the regular maintenance that your Jeep deserves!

  • The top complaint among Jeep owners is with the suspension, or what they have come to call the “death wobble” that can occur after about 50,000 miles.

  • Owners commonly report problems with various warning lights and general power issues throughout the vehicle.

  • It has been reported that some older Jeep engines have shut off while driving, or simply blew after getting an oil change.

Milito’s is here to first diagnose the problem

We’ve worked on all types of cars since 1968, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s to do your homework first. Our expert mechanics will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your Jeep before any work begins.

Whether you have a old-school Wrangler, or a brand new Compass, we can quickly figure out what’s wrong, and give you a clear estimate of what it will take to fix. Our expert Jeep mechanics will then take care of the problem fast to get you back on the road (or off-road) in no time, confidently!

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Benefits of Getting Consistent Mechanical Check-Ups

Improved Reliability

If you don’t take good care of your vehicle, it won’t be there for you in the future.

While this means oil changes and tire rotations, it also entails having routine check-ups performed by expert Jeep service center at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago.

Higher Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your car at some point in the future, you’ll want to keep up with routine service and maintenance.

This will help to ensure that it continues to run in optimal condition. Selling it will not only be easier down the road, but much more profitable!

Better Fuel Economy

First, make sure your tire pressure is set to the right levels. This prevents your car from expending unnecessary energy and fuel while moving.

If your air filter is clogged or your fuel lines are leaking, your Jeep’s fuel economy can be negatively affected by up to 20%.

Interesting Facts, Figures and Resources for Jeep Owners in Chicago

How Jeep Has Stood The Test Of Time

A Legend is Born

From helping to win World War II to becoming one of the most recognizable American vehicle brands ever, Jeep has cemented its place in automotive history. However, creating a legend didn’t happen overnight — and it wasn’t easy.

But for more than 75 years, the Jeep brand has been indelibly linked to adventure, loyalty, and passion, with vehicle owners turning the “Go Anywhere. Do Anything” slogan into a way of life.

According to one Jeep owner, “When you purchase a Jeep, you join a unique club of enthusiasts that are unlike any other. Heaven forbid you don’t wave as you pass another Jeep owner on the road. If you park at the mall, other Jeep owners will automatically park next to you. Pull into a store with your Jeep and any other Jeep owner will automatically start up a conversation like you’ve been friends for years. The Jeep Wrangler is truly an American classic.”

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What to Look For When Buying Used Jeep

If you’re looking for a used Jeep yourself, check out the links below to get you started.

Carmax    |    TRUECar    |    Autotrader

If you’re looking for a Jeep but don’t want to pay for a brand new model, a used Jeep is the way to go.

Here are five things that you should check. When it comes to off-roading vehicles like Jeep, you have a little bit more to look for:

1] Undercarriage: Without a frame for the vehicle to sit on, it’s useless, so this should be one of the first things that you check to gauge how much life the vehicle really has left. If the undercarriage/frame is rusting through or “rotting out,” steer clear. Make sure to crawl all the way under and look for any scratches, scrapes, dents, or other signs of damage from hard trail use. Also check for fresh paint, and recently replaced parts.

2] Modifications: Part of the fun of owning a Jeep is the modifications. But when you choose to buy a modified used Jeep, remember that it will be more expensive and you have to check more parts seeing as they’re aftermarket, meaning the manufacturer doesn’t install them. Check to make sure the modifications are installed correctly or have the service mechanics at Milito’s Auto Repair take a look.

3] Tires: Tire wear is can be expensive if you’ll need to replace the tires, but it can also be a sign of other problems you’ll encounter down the road. Since different types of wear can indicate different problems, this is a good way to see what else might be wrong with the vehicle. For example, you can have an alignment problem if the tire tread is wearing unevenly on the edges or down the middle. If the front tires are more worn-down than the back tires, this means they haven’t been properly rotated.

4] Rust Spots: A little rust is to be expected on a used vehicle, but when it shows up in the cabin of the floor or trunk or you can poke holes in the frame because of it, then you have a problem you don’t want to deal with. If you see a lot of rust on a used Jeep, it’s best to keep looking to avoid the trouble and expensive repairs you’ll likely soon face.

5] Leaks: Make sure to look at a used Jeep on a dry day so you can see any liquid that might be dripping underneath it. You’ll most commonly see leaks of engine oil or coolant, so check all of the hoses for any cracks, start it up, and see if you can see anything leaking out of the seals. With Jeeps, you could potentially split a hose or destroy the oil take if a rock is kicked up the wrong way or you hit a boulder while going off-road.

History of the Jeep

In June 1940, with World War II on the horizon, the U.S. Army solicited bids from 135 automakers for a 1/4 ton “light reconnaissance vehicle” tailored to Army specifications that could replace both the horse and the motorcycle as a general-purpose transportation device.

General George C. Marshall, US Army Chief of Staff during World War II, and later U.S. Secretary of State, described the Jeep Brand 4×4 as “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare”.

Making Jeeps For the Civilians

Soon Willys converted its military Jeep — known as the MB — into the CJ-2A. “CJ” stood for “Civilian Jeep.” According to Willys-Overland, there were 5.5 million farmers in the U.S., and of these, more than 4 million had neither a truck nor a tractor.

They saw a need and filled it with the versatile CJ-2A, marketed as “The All-Around Farm Work-Horse” that could do the job of two heavy draft horses, operating at a speed of four miles per hour, 10 hours a day, without overheating the engine.

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Go Beyond Standard Auto Service at Milito’s


From oil changes to wiper blades, Milito’s can keep your Jeep driving smoothly down the Chicago streets, any time of the year (even in pothole season).

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Whether you need standard repairs from regular wear, or have a more complex problem with your Jeep, rely on Milito’s!

Our Jeep Service Specialists will care for your vehicle like its their own. We can diagnose and repair any issue quickly!

Full-Service Care

Milito’s takes care of Chicago’s Jeeps, inside and out!

Our full-service car wash pampers your car, and our full-service gas station and convenience store takes care of you!

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