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Get your rack and pinion system replaced at Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, IL

Rack & Pinion Systems help your vehicle move in the correct direction when you turn the wheel. It’s one part of the overall steering and suspension system that keeps you driving comfortably and safely.

Review of your Rack & Pinion System is part of an overall steering & suspension evaluation

During a comprehensive inspection, if your technicians notice damage to the rack and pinion components, they may recommend replacement prior to an alignment service. Technicians may also discuss replacement of the rack and pinion steering fluid lines at the same time to ensure the system remains lubricated and ready to drive at a moment’s notice. All estimates are always discussed with you in detail, and your approval is required before any repairs or replacements begin.

Rack & Pinion Systems are just one piece of the puzzle 

Your car, truck or SUV’s steering & suspension system relies on the health of multiple components including:

Many times, several of these components will require attention at the same time to bring your steering back into proper alignment.

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Drive with confidence after service at Milito’s Auto Repair

Driving should be a smooth, enjoyable experience. If your steering feels off when you’re on the road, especially when turning, bring it into Milito’s Auto Repair. We treat every car or truck like it’s our own – and aren’t satisfied until you are back on the road and happy with the service.

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Other Steering & Suspension Services

Shocks and Struts

These components help maximize driver/passenger comfort while minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise. Driving a vehicle with blown shocks and struts isn’t just uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous! Call Milito’s today.

Tie Rods / Ball Joints

Vital to your steering system, tie rods and ball joints can wear out over time and may require replacement or repair. Luckily, Milito’s can take care of that, getting you back on the road and taking those turns in no time.

Power Steering

A normal part of all makes and models of vehicles, drivers tend to take power steering for granted. But once it breaks and the steering wheel isn’t so easy to turn, drivers want this fixed fast. That’s where Milito’s comes in.


Maybe your car doesn’t track quite right or you find yourself over-compensating for the steering system. An alignment is a regular maintenance procedure for all cars and trucks – contact Milito’s Auto Repair to schedule yours.

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