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Convenient wheel alignments at Milito’s Auto Repair Shop in Chicago, IL.

Properly aligned wheels and tires improve driver safety, enhance your driving control, increase fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your tires. Part of general car maintenance, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle’s steering alignment and bring it into Milito’s Auto Repair if you find it isn’t tracking normally.

If your car is vibrating or the tires are wearing unevenly, schedule an appointment for an alignment at Milito’s!

When your vehicle is out-of-alignment, its suspension and steering systems no longer function at their intended angles resulting in rapid, uneven tread wear – one of the primary reasons for tire replacement.

Save the life of your tires by driving in a properly aligned car, truck or SUV. Make an appointment at Milito’s Auto Repair to get an initial inspection and begin the alignment process.

Before a Tire & Wheel Alignment is Performed on Your Car 

Our expert technicians visually inspect and test your car’s suspension components to ensure that the chassis is ready to be aligned prior to performing the service. This is a very important step, because if you try to align a chassis with worn out components, your car or truck will come out of alignment the moment it’s driven down the road.

Drivers are sometimes surprised to find out that they need more than just an alignment, but remember, without properly functioning tie rods, ball joints, shocks, struts, and racks and pinion systems, a proper alignment cannot be performed in the first place.

How does a car get out of alignment?

A car, truck or SUV can get out of alignment for a number of reasons. Driving over damaged roads, curbs, or the general wear and tear of parts due to a vehicle’s high mileage can easily throw a car out of alignment.

Snowy Chicago winters also have an impact on the roads, leaving them littered with potholes and uneven cracks. Both are a strong contributor to the misalignment of wheels, no matter the make or model of your car.

If you car’s steering wheel is vibrating a medium-high speeds, or the tires are worn irregularly, you may need an alignment.

Car wheel and tire alignments in Chicago - Milito's Auto Repair 60614

How to Get the Best Alignment for Your Vehicle

Make sure you bring your vehicle to a licensed repair facility.

They have the right technology and tools to ensure 100% accuracy with all of the mechanics for your particular vehicle and can help with detailed troubleshooting.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Even during normal driving conditions, wheels can come out of alignment. This will put extra wear on your tires and shorten their life.

Insist on high-quality parts for your next alignment service.

With so much stress being put on your car’s suspension and wheels, using top-quality parts will pay off in the long run with fewer repairs needed down the road.

Milito’s Does More Than Alignments!

Other Steering & Suspension Services

Shocks and Struts

These components help maximize driver/passenger comfort while minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise. Driving a vehicle with blown shocks and struts isn’t just uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous! Call Milito’s today.

Tie Rods / Ball Joints

Vital to your steering system, tie rods and ball joints can wear out over time and may require replacement or repair. Luckily, Milito’s can take care of that, getting you back on the road and taking those turns in no time.

Rack and Pinion

A classic design, a vehicle’s rack and pinion system works with power steering to move the car easily in the correct direction.

As issues arise, Milito’s Auto Repair will evaluate these components as part of an overall alignment check.

Power Steering

A normal part of all makes and models of vehicles, drivers tend to take power steering for granted. But once it breaks and the steering wheel isn’t so easy to turn, drivers want this fixed fast. That’s where Milito’s comes in.

All Auto Repairs and Maintenance are Guaranteed for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles!
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