As Chicago Weather Cools Down, Car Problems Can Heat Up!

If You See These Problems – Head to The Mechanic Right Away!

Winter Worries

As the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fly, your vehicle is susceptible to a variety of weather related issues. More than just road salt and slippery driving conditions, the winter puts your car at risk in a few specific ways. If you encounter any of these problems in the coming months, get to a mechanic right away to prevent further damage!

1. Low Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures cause the air in your tires to condense, lowering the pressure. It could be a simple as filling them back up, but slow leaks or other damage could also be a culprit. Keep a close eye on your tire pressure, and consider swapping out all four for winter tires. For a tire inspection and help changing to a winter-friendly set, come see us!

2. Battery Issues

Cars tend to struggle to start in the winter. While this could be for a variety of reasons, it’s most commonly a battery problem. You may need a replacement, clean terminals, or other relatively easy fixes. If your vehicle just doesn’t want to turn over in the morning, visit your mechanic for help troubleshooting and resolving the issues..

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3. Frozen Lines

If water vapor gets into your lines (most commonly the fuel lines), it can lead to freezing – and that will stop your vehicle dead in its tracks. Even partially frozen lines can make your car sluggish and run poorly. If it won’t start, or simply doesn’t seem to be getting the right amount of fuel, there are a variety of steps that can be taken to solve the problem, from fuel additives to heating the fuel lines. If you aren’t confident making these fixes yourself, we’re here to help!

4. Bad Spark Plugs

Your car will already have a hard enough time starting on those cold Chicago mornings, but it’s even worse if your spark plugs are in bad shape. Not only will they wear out over time, cold temperatures can also lead to cracking and other damage. If your vehicle is having trouble turning over, it could very well be a spark plug issue – and Milito’s will gladly inspect and replace them! If it has been a while since you’ve changed your spark plugs, you can stop by for simple preventative maintenance as well

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Cold Weather is Easier to Enjoy When You Are Prepared

With winter on the horizon, shoveling snow and dealing with icy roads aren’t your only concerns. Some preventative care, as well as immediately addressing problems as they arise, can make the difference between a smooth commute and a frigid walk down the side the of the highway. Contact Milito’s Auto Repair about any issues you’re experiencing, and bring your vehicle in to make sure it’s in the best possible shape for this coming winter!

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