Winter Weather Driving Tips – Stay Safe Chicago!

Chicago driving can be difficult in any season, but especially in the winter months.

Combine ice, wind, cold, snow, and low visibility with normal, congested traffic patterns and you’ve got yourself a real challenge!

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has coined this winter season with the phrase, “Winter Weather, get it Together” and warns Chicago drivers to expect the unexpected at all times.

Winter travel can be dangerous and contributes to more than 2,000 road deaths every winter and nearly half a million crashes, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Getting around busy Chicago streets in the middle of winter is no easy task.

Here are some tips to keep your family, and your car safe this winter.

Slow Down

No matter how late you are, drive slowly and turn off cruise control. Be aware and careful around ice-prone locations like intersections, bridges, ramps, and shaded areas.

Be sure to hang back when driving by increasing the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The extra space will provide the longer distance you will need if you have to stop unexpectedly.

Plow Trucks Take Precedence

The biggest threat for the snow plow operators are drivers who either drive too close to the truck or actually cut them off.

Drivers should give plows the right of way and understand that these large vehicles cannot move as fast as normal traffic when snow comes during rush hour.

Also, be cognizant of parking and keeping your neighborhood roads clear so plow trucks can get though without risk of damaging vehicles.

Fill ‘er Up

Be sure to top off your gas tank and check wiper blades, windshield-washer fluid, oil and antifreeze before driving in snowy, dangerous conditions.

Winter Driving Tips for Chicago -

Be Prepared for the Worst

Keep an emergency kit in your car with jumper cables, a cell phone charger, flashlight, blanket, flares and an ice scraper and brush. Place some water and food in your trunk along with a bag of cat litter or sand in case you get stuck and need some additional traction.

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