Keep Your Older BMW Running (virtually) Forever!

How to Keep Your Older BMW Running Great

BMW cars and SUVs are well known for being long-lasting vehicles that can drive for well over 250,000 miles. In fact, some selective BMW car clubs around the world require their members to have a certain high mileage just to join! Keeping an older BMW running well for years and years doesn’t just happen by itself, though, and we take pride in helping BMW owners keep their vehicles in great shape for tens or even hundreds of thousands of miles.

To make an older BMW last (or even a more recent one), regular maintenance is essential. Here are a few areas we focus on when high mileage, precious BMWs roll through the doors of Milito’s Auto Repair.

Keep Your BMW Battery and Electrical in Tip-Top Shape

Over time, all batteries lose their charge. There are a ton of factors involved, including temperature/climate, how often the car is used, wiring issues, and so on, but generally speaking, most car batteries should be replaced about every five years.

Unfortunately, wiring issues and other electrical problems can gradually leech power from a car battery and cause premature trouble. If your BMW isn’t a daily driver, the battery isn’t getting regular use and may need replacing sooner.

To make sure your BMW lasts as long as possible, be sure to have your battery replaced periodically, and have electrical inspections (and any necessary repairs) done as part of a regular maintenance routine. Not only will problem-free wiring keep your battery lasting longer, it will also help ensure that all of the other electrical components are getting the proper current and working their best.

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Keep Your BMW Clean!

Most people who take pride in their vehicles do a decent job of keeping them clean, but might not consider how dirt and debris can creep their way into the less visible parts of the vehicle and slowly cause damage over time.

That means that professional car washes and close inspections for damage are an important part of keeping a BMW on the road – looking and running great for years and years!

Regular Oil Changes for BMWs

One of the simplest ways to maintain a BMW is to get oil changed regularly! Shoot for every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or in accordance with the manufacturers’ scheduled maintenance guidelines. Not only will regular oil changes help keep the engine running smoothly, they can also prevent costly repairs down the line.

With professional oil changes at Milito’s, our clients receive high quality oil specifically designed for their car model, filter replacement, complimentary inspections, and a deluxe car wash!

Address Any Other BMW Issues Immediately

Perhaps the most important part of keeping a BMW running well into the hundreds of thousands of miles is a commitment to taking care of problems as soon as they arise. Whether it’s a strange sound, a bit of rumble, strange behavior, or a noticeable difference in any of the vehicle’s many systems, it’s important to take the car to an experienced mechanic right away.

The longer issues are ignored, the more damage that can occur – and that could potentially be shaving years off the life of your BMW.

Smart, Safe Driving

Last but certainly not least, a big part of BMW longevity is driving carefully! Avoiding accidents is important, of course, but smaller things like hard braking, aggressive acceleration, and other bad driving habits can put undue wear and tear on the vehicle, lead to more repairs and compounding issues, and ultimately reduce the lifespan of the vehicle.

At Milito’s Auto Repair in Chicago, we have experience working on BMWs of all eras, but we love when people have older models that they truly love. We’ll take great care of your BMW, whether it’s for a simple oil change and car wash, regular inspection and maintenance, or a more complex repair. Contact us today to get your BMW in for service!

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