Common Lexus® Repairs

Even Luxury Needs Maintenance

As a subsidiary of Toyota, Lexus also carries its parent company’s reputation for reliability and longevity. Ideally, most Lexus owners won’t have to deal with frequent repairs or problems, but as we all know, even the most reliable vehicles need occasional maintenance.

Lexus Issues to Look For

Accidents can happen, things can go wrong, and normal wear and tear takes its toll. When it’s time to bring your Lexus to a shop in Chicago, you can trust the team at Milito’s Auto Repair to take excellent care of you and your vehicle. We’ve been working with the gamut of Lexus models for years!

While our technicians are prepared to take on just about any project you can throw at them, we’ve collected some examples of common Lexus repairs to give you an idea of what we see most.

1. Brakes

It doesn’t matter what kind of car, truck, or SUV you drive, eventually it will need brake work. The friction involved in slowing and stopping something as heavy as a vehicle is tremendous, and that means that pads and rotors will wear out.

Brake repairs are usually pretty straightforward, so if you hear any grinding or scraping noises, or the pedal feels softer than normal, get your brakes checked out right away!

Lexus Service and Maintenance by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

2. High Mileage Servicing

Many Lexus vehicles last for a long time, but that also means racking up mileage and putting some parts of your car, truck, or SUV through a lot of work. As vehicles surpass 100k (even 200k) miles, it’s a good idea to have spark plugs, belts, alignment, and other parts serviced – or at least examined.

If you have an older model Lexus that’s getting up there in miles, you can bring it in to Milito’s for a check up, and we’ll take a look for the common problems that tend to happen in well traveled vehicles.

3. Transmission Work

Transmissions are among the more complex systems in any vehicle, but our team has the necessary experience and skill to take on all kinds of transmission repair – including the Lexus electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (E-CVT). In fact, Lexus models have used a wide range of transmission types over the years, and we’re prepared to tackle them all!

4. Sensor Problems

Many vehicles have occasional sensor problems, but a few models of Lexus cars (especially some slightly older models) commonly have issues with O2 sensors and check engine lights. Some newer models have also shown issues with the parking assist sensors. These parts are replaceable, and in some instances, only require a computer reset to take care of.

If you’ve got pesky dashboard lights that won’t go away, or other computer-driven parts of your Lexus don’t seem to be working right, bring it in and we’ll take a look!

Trust Lexus Mechanics in Chicago

If you drive a Lexus in Chicago, Milito’s Auto Repair is your trusted source for all types of maintenance and repair. If you have any questions about Lexus service, please contact us anytime.

All Lexus Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
Lexus Service and Maintenance by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
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