7 Fun Facts About Lexus®

The Reputation of Lexus

Lexus is known internationally as a reliable, sleek, and sophisticated brand of vehicle. Since the company’s first launch in 1989, they have sold millions of vehicles around the world, and remain a household name in luxury automobiles. We found some lesser known facts about Lexus we wanted to share!

Digging Deeper

To take a closer look at what makes Lexus so special, let’s explore 7 fun facts about the company, their success, and the relentless attention to detail that has earned them such a fantastic reputation.

1. Advanced Climate Control

The Lexus Climate Concierge is an extremely advanced climate control system that utilizes an array of sensors, air purifying, and fine adjustments to maintain cabin, seat, and even steering wheel temperature. To showcase just how sensitive the Climate Concierge truly is, Lexus grew 50 orchids inside the cabin of an LS!

2. Delayed Focus at Home

Even though the company is based in Japan, Lexus didn’t sell its first vehicle there until 2005! Because the luxury car market (especially at the time of the company’s inception) is so dominated by European manufacturers, Lexus decided to focus primarily on American markets, expanding gradually to other places in the world, and waiting over 15 years to sell cars in their home country.

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3. Dedication to Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, Lexus team members go through rigorous steps to ensure the best quality in their vehicles. Paint inspectors are required to pass multiple annual tests, a single part inspection can have up to 250 points of quality control, and in every Lexus plant, there are 26,000 special certifications.

4. Seen With Celebrities

Various specialty Lexus models have been made for high profile celebrities. After sponsoring a 2005 tour for Paul McCartney, the company gave the former Beatle a custom hybrid LS600h that was deliberately “vegan” – with no leather or any other animal parts. In 2011, seven hybrid LS600h cars were used to transport members of the royal family during the wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco, including a custom Laundaulet model with a transparent roof as the official royal wedding car.

5. Lexus on The High Seas

Taking the next step in luxury transportation, the car manufacturer collaborated with Marquis Yachts to create the LY 650, a 65-foot yacht that features recognizable Lexus design elements, advanced technology, and all of the comfort and performance one would expect from the brainchild of the two prestigious companies.

6. Hybrid Leader

Not only did Lexus release the first hybrid SUV, they also boast having the first fully hybrid car to compete in a major endurance race, the 24 Hours Nürburgring. In

7. Acoustically Minded

Throughout the years, Lexus has gone to great lengths to ensure the comfort of drivers and passengers, including innovations to reduce engine volume and cabin noise (such as hollow parts to reduce and disperse vibrations). For the LFA, the company teamed with Yamaha to acoustically tune the engine, creating a sonically satisfying driving experience to accompany the powerful V10.

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As you can see, Lexus has spent tremendous efforts to make vehicles of all kinds that stand out from the pack, and their dedication to quality and gorgeous design is big part of what keeps them in the top luxury car brands in the world.

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