Perks of Owning a Lexus®

Benefits of Being a Lexus Owner

Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, has been creating and releasing high-end vehicles for over three decades. The company prides itself on constant innovation, a sleek aesthetic, and perhaps most importantly, a commitment to the people that drive their products! With that commitment comes many perks of owning a Lexus.

Luxury Has Its Perks

If you’re a Lexus owner, you may not know about the available benefits and communities that surround the popular brand. At Milto’s Auto Repair, we also believe in providing Chicago Lexus owners the best possible experience, and with that in mind, we’ve put together a few ways you can get even more out of your vehicle ownership!

Create a Driver Account With Lexus

At, you can create an account, register your vehicle, and gain access to a bounty of information about your car and its manufacturer. Registered users, especially those with the most modern Lexus models, can set up Service Connect to receive alerts about maintenance schedules, vehicle performance, recalls, and much more.

You can also track maintenance and repairs, receive special offers for hotels and events, access vehicle specs and manuals, and learn all about the more advanced features of your vehicle.

If you’re a Lexus owner, especially if your model is from recent years, registering is a no brainer!

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Car Clubs and Social Media Groups

When you love something you own, you often want to connect with others that share your passion! Like many other car enthusiasts, Lexus owners have created a variety of clubs and social media groups to celebrate their enjoyment of all things Lexus.

Sites like feature forums for people to ask questions, compare experiences, and offer insights. These sites usually have region-specific sections as well, so you’ll likely find discussions and meetups specific to Chicago! Search your favorite social media platforms for Chicago Lexus clubs as well!

Connecting with others is a great way to develop a sense of community around something you enjoy!

Enform Features

The Lexus Enform app, compatible with most smartphones, is another way technology is changing the way we interact with our vehicles, and another huge perk of owning a modern Lexus.

The app allows users to connect to a live response center to assist with navigation, who can then find locations, upload destinations to the vehicle’s onboard Navigation System, and assist with any confusion. The app can also connect your smartphone to the dashboard multimedia display, allowing you to access other apps (like music and podcasts) with voice command.

Further, the Enform app has a “remote” feature, allowing users to check fuel levels, lock and unlock doors, adjust climate control, and even remotely start the engine – all from a smartphone, which can also be connected to smartwatches and devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Trusted Lexus Service in Chicago

Simply being a Lexus owner can come with some fantastic perks, and when that excellent vehicle eventually needs maintenance, you can trust Chicago’s own Milito’s Auto Repair to treat your Lexus with the care it deserves. Come see us any time!

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Have Your Lexus Serviced Right in Lincoln Park Chicago at Milito's Auto Repair 60614
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