Toyota’s Long History of Reliability

Reputation Matters

Some auto manufacturers simply have a better reputation than others. When you’re discussing reliable cars, Toyota® is bound to come up.

For years – decades, in fact – Toyota owners have enjoyed safe, high-rated vehicles that stand the test of time, and more importantly, don’t break the bank with repairs.

A History of Toyota Dependability

Formed in the fall of 1957, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, Inc., saw some initial success in the states with the Land Cruiser, an all terrain vehicle that quickly earned a reputation for durability.

In 1965, however, the company introduced the Corona model, and sales began to soar. By 1967, Toyota was the third best selling import brand in the country.

The following year, the now-legendary Corolla was launched, an affordable option for American consumers that is now the world’s highest selling passenger vehicle, with over 30 million sold in some 140 countries.

High Quality, Long Lasting

Affordability was the initial drive behind the Corolla’s massive success, but as years past and sales kept climbing, Toyota owners came to notice the long-term reliability of their vehicles, and Toyota’s reputation began to truly take shape.

Between then and now, Toyota has achieved numerous milestones, from selling more than a million vehicles in a single year to launching the luxury Lexus brand in 1989, to launching the world’s first mass produced gas/electric hybrid, the Prius. Throughout all of this growth and change, the company remained resilient through natural disasters and economic crashes, retaining their commitment to quality, affordability, and reliability.

All Toyotas Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

From Off-Roading to Off-Loading the Kids

Toyota models are consistently featured in automotive publications and independent reports focused on safety and longevity. In a 2018 rundown of Consumer Reports’ 20 most reliable vehicles of the decade, Toyota boasts 9 of the 20 spots, including all of the top 3, the Prius, the Camry, and 4Runner. RepairPal, another independent automotive reporter, ranks Toyota as an overall 4.0 out of 5, giving the entire manufacturer an “above average” rating. These are just two of many examples of organizations and consumers alike touting the long-standing reliability of Toyota automobiles both past and present.

Keep Up On Your Toyota Maintenance Needs at Milito’s Auto Repair

While Toyota is certainly known for its reliability, all vehicles require maintenance from time to time. Your trusted source for Toyota repair in Chicago is Milito’s Auto Repair. We’ve worked on Toyota models spanning decades – since so many of them last for years and years! Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major repair or your Toyota, we’ve got you covered.

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Toyota Service and Maintenance by the Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614
All Toyotas Serviced and Maintenanced by Experts at Milito's Auto Repair - Chicago, IL 60614

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